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Bibiana & Krystal Had An Epic Feud On 'The Bachelor'

It isn't a season of The Bachelor without some dramatic fights between the contestants, right? Last Monday, Bibiana threw down during a cocktail party because Krystal was hogging all the time with Arie. So what does Bibiana think of Krystal on The Bachelor? As a seasoned member of Bachelor Nation, I know that everything I see on the show is heavily edited and really what the producers want viewers to see more than an exact retelling of what went down in The Bachelor mansion. After all, this is reality television and not an observational documentary. Thanks to social media, viewers can see for themselves if contestants' personas and views in real life match that on the show. So does Bibiana really not like Krystal?

While, like I said, the show is pretty stylized, it's not unreasonable to think Bibiana's not a fan after seeing last Monday's episode. Here's how it went down: Krystal had a one-on-one date with Arie and at the end, she got a rose. Bibiana, on the other hand, was on a group date and did not receive the group date rose; she actually didn't have a lot of alone time with Arie, and was pretty stressed about potentially getting sent home. During the cocktail party that preceded the rose ceremony, Bibiana tried desperately to talk to Arie — and succeeded, but then Krystal swooped in to talk to him for a second time. Bad move.

This incited an intense (and highly gifable) smackdown from Bibiana about Krystal. She called out the fact that Krystal already had a rose and therefore didn't need to talk to Arie at the cocktail party like other people do. I don't know if Krystal legitimately didn't get with the program or just didn't care since she is not here to make friends. But regardless, she pissed off the fellow contestants. As this is all TV, though, I snooped Bibiana's social media profiles to see if she actually has beef with Krystal. On Bibiana's Twitter there's no direct mention of Krystal, but Bibiana's smarter than that. What I see instead is a ton of shade, such as:

And not to mention, Bibiana retweeted a few people who did name Krystal, including former Bachelorette Rachel:

Of course, Twitter doesn't say the whole story, but it seems that Bibiana may not have changed her attitude towards Krystal since the taping of that fight. I would take this all with a grain of salt since we don't actually know what goes on behind closed doors when the cameras aren't rolling. Maybe now that filming is actually over, they've long forgotten about their feud. Sure, I doubt that we'll see them hanging out with one another outside of the show, but that doesn't mean they wish each ill will.

Also something to note is that oftentimes, the producers allow who can and who cannot "steal" Arie away from other contestants. So, Krystal may have wanted to talk to Arie in that moment, but producers could've stopped her; they chose not to (probably because they knew it would make for good drama). So really this could all just be one big misunderstanding that will get blown over in the weeks to come, though that seems very unlikely.

Regardless, from Bibiana's online presence, it seems that Krystal's not exactly her favorite person. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks she'll post a photo of them together on Instagram and all is forgiven. But from where I'm standing, it seems that neither women was there to make friends.

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