What Does Brandi Redmond Think Of LeeAnne Locken On 'Real Housewives'? The Two Are At Odds

On the Real Housewives of Dallas, the feud between Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken is already getting ugly. It will likely be the main storyline to carry the entirety of the first season. The whole thing originated when LeeAnne got offended by Brandi's attitude and her, if truth be told, slightly immature sense of humor at charity events. Brandi mocked LeeAnne's sanctimonious attitude to the whole thing. The showdown that capped the premiere episode was disturbingly calm, but seemed to carry with it the promise of a long road of healthy screaming matches and low blows down the line. But it got me thinking, what does Brandi Redmond really think of LeeAnne Locken?

If her blog is any indication, she thinks about as highly of her as you might imagine. In subsequent episodes since the premiere, Brandi and LeeAnne have been involved in more or less constant squabbles. This is a war, not a battle people. And neither party is willing to give an inch. When Brandi wore the hat with fake dog poop on it, perhaps she was innocently just trying to take a light-hearted approach to what is supposed to be a fun, silly event. But it's also possible that she was deliberately trying to ruffle LeeAnne's feathers, in which case she is a subtler and shadier Real Housewife than I had previously given her credit for, and I respect that.

Brandi's feelings for LeeAnne can probably be summed up with a quote from her first blog in which she says, twice, "Girl, bye." The disagreements on screen clearly do not stop there, and both Housewives have used their blogs to further their own positions, each with an aggressively patronizing tone toward the other. And while LeeAnne on the show often acts defensively, online, it's Brandi who is defending herself from LeeAnne's on-screen digs. Perhaps the most hurtful comment LeeAnne made about Brandi was about her children in last Monday's episode, saying she feels sorry for her daughters, and that the girls won't grow up with class. Wow. She's certainly not pulling any punches. Brandi addressed this conversation briefly with grace and a clapback.

First, when you have never met my children, been to my home, how can you say something of that nature? I am a full-time mother that dedicates my life to nurturing and motivating my children to be the best they can be. I wonder if my children will receive a bitmoji apology…

Clearly, Brandi and LeeAnne won't be braiding each other's hair any time soon. Until then, I'm gonna call it. Points, Brandi.