Monty Brinton/CBS

What Does Bronte Teach Outside 'Big Brother 18'? She's A Math Girl

Big Brother 18 is underway, and this season's tiniest houseguest self-identifies as a "stereotypical California girl" with a voice to match her diminutive stature. In fact, 26-year-old Bronte D'Acquisto plans to use the fact that she looks and sounds like a little girl to her advantage in the house, thinking she can deploy it to manipulate the other houseguests into believing she's nonthreatening. But considering her day job, she might outwit them all. So what does Bronte teach outside Big Brother? She works as a math tutor! Calculus is her favorite, natch.

You may remember that her "meet the cast" clip, which aired before the houseguests entered the Big Brother house consisted of her rattling off the statistics of what percentage of BB winners were women, and what the percentage would be if she won. And although Bronte is tutoring her way through a PhD in mathematics, she did not figure those percentages out in her head. It turns out she's super terrible at mental math and couldn't even answer nine times nine in her interview without stumbling. (She's a pencil, paper, and calculator kind of girl, which is sort of endearing in a math tutor.)

"I can solve an integral like it's nobody's business, though," she joked. But Bronte doesn't plan on sharing her PhD pursuit with the other houseguests.

"I'm not going to tell anyone that I'm a math girl and I'm about to get my second degree — I just turned 26 — they don't need to know that," she told Jeff Schroeder in an interview before the show premiered.

She fully plans on using her winnings to fund her academic career, saying she would rather win and be hated by America, than lose and be loved.

"I know what I have. I have friends, I have a loving family. What I don't have is money," she said. Money which she apparently desperately needs to realize her dreams of becoming a mathematician. Bronte cites her natural affinity for problem solving as being one of her advantages in the house, and revealed that it's her strategy to use behavioral psychology to get ahead. Bronte wants to prove that the game can be won using math and science.