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Bryan Has Some Choice Words For Peter After 'The Bachelorette' Finale

The Bachelorette season finale spent a great deal of its time focused on the relationship between Rachel and Peter, despite the fact that she chose Bryan in the end. So what does Bryan from The Bachelorette think of Peter and Rachel? The winner of Rachel's heart still sounds confident that he and his new fiancée are a perfect match. The rest of Bachelor Nation, however, is not quite as convinced. After Peter and Rachel's emotional goodbye, it would be reasonable for any person to feel a little insecure.

Most of the second hour of the three hour season finale focused on Peter and Rachel's last date together, the morning after their fantasy suite date, and eventually the argument that sent Rachel walking away into the night. It was by far the most honest breakup I've ever seen on reality television. Rachel wanted to get married but Peter wasn't ready to propose so soon. Neither side would budge even as Peter begged her to stay and refused to accept a breakup. As they sobbed and kissed goodbye, Rachel had to pull herself away as they whispered final 'I love yous'. It was like watching a supercut of every one of my own breakups. For the first time in watching this show I felt like I was watching a real couple get to an impassable spot and have to tear themselves away. And then the next day she got engaged to Bryan.

In a segment on Good Morning America, Bryan went after Peter for being "wishy washy" rather than really reflect on the idea that his fiancée was actually in love with someone else. He stated:

I actually didn’t meet with Peter last night, but I saw the final episode and yeah, as a man, you feel a little frustration of how she was treated in the position she was put in for the simple fact that here I am, you know, totally committed, totally invested, totally ready to start a real future with this woman. And then on the other end, you know, you have someone who’s indecisive, wishy-washy, and at the same time he’s telling her he’s in love with her and will propose. So, you know, it was just tough to watch.

Meanwhile, Rachel remarked that, "I was confident in our relationship, but I went back and forth because I had to make the best decision for me and I wanted to make sure I made the right decision, which obviously I did." While neither said anything specifically negative about Peter, they clearly didn't want to make him the focus of their post-Bachelorette interviews. They seem happy, if slightly awkward, and I sincerely hope they are. Even if I don't necessarily agree with the way things played out.