What Does Caila's Family Think of Ben? 'The Bachelor' Contestant May Be In Trouble

Scott Evans/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

There are only four women left vying for Ben Higgins' heart — and every one of them is super sweet and would make a great match for Ben. However, now is the time where Ben truly gets to know girls by spending some time talking to their family members and hanging out in their hometowns. Amanda, Lauren, JoJo and Caila have all told Ben what they think about him. But what does Caila's family think of Ben? Judging from last week's preview, The Bachelor contestant may be in trouble.

Yes, it is that time again on The Bachelor. The time that can make or break a relationship just in a few conversations, a time that can scare someone away forever or make them fall even harder. The Bachelor has finally reached the week of hometown dates, where Bachelor Ben Higgins will go and visit the homes and families of the four women who are still in the running to be his potential future wife. Not only is meeting the parents and returning to your partner's hometown scary on the show — it is one of the most daunting parts of a new relationship that isn't broadcast to millions of viewers on television.

A preview of next week's episode shows the girls returning to their hometowns to visit their families with Ben in tow. Ben and Caila are headed to Hudson, Ohio, where Caila is originally from. The preview shows the two walking into her family's living room where they are greeted by her mom, dad, and little brother.

However, it appears to not go over as well as Caila would like. The preview shows her dad questioning Ben's feelings for Caila and whether or not they match her own.

"It frightens me that she may be in for a huge letdown and she is going to get crushed," Caila's dad tells The Bachelor cameras.

Caila's family is not wrong to have their reservations about Ben. Ben's relationship with each of the girls is very strong and with only four girls left in the running to be The Future Mrs. Higgins, the letdown gets worse with each episode. Her dad is not wrong for being a little skeptical and wanting to protect his daughter's heart.

The previews don't show how Caila's mom or little brother feel toward Ben, but if they are anything like the rest of America, I'm sure they will fall in love with him.