Mitch Haaseth/ABC

'Bachelor's Corinne Has A Message For Her Haters

Though it's still the early days of Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, a few contestants on the show have already stood out as the ones to watch. Some of the women appear to have a genuine connection with Nick, but others are just perfect for reality TV. Corinne Olympios definitely has the kind of personality that does well on reality television: she's outspoken, she knows what she wants, and she will make sure you know that she's going to go after it. She's also a little odd (she is a grown woman with a nanny, after all). Both the premiere and promos for the season make it look like she might be headed for the dreaded (but potentially lucrative) villain edit. So what does Corinne think of her portrayal on The Bachelor?

Just to recap: Corinne was the first of the women to kiss Nick, though it seemed to make him uncomfortable instead of inflaming his passions. She didn't get the first impression rose, but she made a big impression anyway, making sure viewers knew she was a businesswoman running a multi-million dollar company and that she liked Nick. She liked Nick a lot. Scenes from upcoming episodes show her pushing boundaries in other ways, including appearing at Nick's hotel room late at night. While she's sure to cause a stir on Twitter, Corinne doesn't seem too bothered, which fits with what viewers have seen of her personality so far.

Corinne captioned an Instagram post about "the haters" with the following: "Everyone needs a pair of love glasses. Always be yourself and love yourself because you are amazing. Life is too beautiful to sit around and worry about what the world thinks of you. Note to self – I love you. XO." Corinne has made it clear that she's got self-esteem by the bucket-full and she's simply not concerned with how she comes off. Another Instagram caption of hers just about sums it up: "do you and own it always."

Instagram seems to be where Corinne is most comfortable addressing viewers' reactions to The Bachelor, because that's also where she made a joking reference to her nanny, who served her a cucumber snack while she handled the business she's preparing to take over from her father. "Cool as my cut cucumbers," she wrote next to a picture of herself in sunglasses alongside her sister.

While she's going to need to add a selection of lunch meats to her plate of cucumbers to get on the same level as last season's Bachelorette villain Chad, Corinne is off to a pretty good start. Like many classic reality TV villains before her, part of the appeal is that she just doesn't seem to care.