What Does DH Mean? Plus 9 Signs You Actually Have One

Parenting boards certainly love their acronyms. In fact, some threads can look like they’re written in a foreign language. But the acronyms serve a definite purpose, as anyone who has tried to type on an iPhone and wrangle a wriggly toddler at the same time knows. Sometimes two letters are the only things you have time to communicate. But if you’re still new to the boards, the terms can take a little time to learn. So don’t sweat it if you’re wondering what does DH mean. You’ll catch on quickly.

So for the record, DH refers to your Darling Husband. Well, some sites claim it’s for Dear Husband, so take your pick. Yeah, it’s a little on the cutesy site, but this is often the nature of mommy boards. I kind of like the forced formality; it gives a little vintage flavor to otherwise modern discussions of parenting.

Now that you know what it means, here are the signs that you are blessed with a darling husband. These are the ways he shows his affection and makes your life a little easier. While your lives have become more hectic with the introduction of your kid, having a DH on your side makes you feel like part of a team who can take on anything. Or at least the next toddler meltdown.


He Makes You Feel Appreciated

Whether he's celebrating your promotion or the fact that you guys finally got a kid to sleep through the night, he makes sure your efforts are appreciated. Even if it's just a quick, "Hey, thanks!" it's good to be recognized.


He Gets Your Favorite Ice Cream

When you've had a crappy day, he drops by the store for a pint of mint chocolate chip. Even if that means venturing out in the middle of a snowstorm.


He Respects Your Netflix Time

If you two have a show that you watch together, a DH won't skip ahead any episodes. You will get to experience that big plot twist in Season 3 together.


He Takes Care Of Business

Whether it's dropping off your son at daycare each morning or paying the cable bill on time, he excels at adulting. You act as a team and he's on top of his share of the workload.


He Connects With Your Family

He's always happy to grab a drink with your brother or talk about the grandkids at length with your mom. He's completely a member of your family now.


He Makes You Laugh

Even when you're having a crummy day, he knows exactly how to make you crack up. At times like that, his killer sense of humor is the best trait of all.


He Sends Silly Texts

It still counts as communication. Swapping inside jokes and funny pictures throughout the day helps you feel closer. It's nice to know when he's thinking of you.


He Encourages Your Hobbies

Whether you're into yoga or Krav Maga, he's happy to take over parenting duties while you get a few minutes to yourself. And you do the same for him. It's a team effort that helps you both maintain your sanity.


Hey Loves Playing With Your Kids

When he's hanging out with your kiddos, it's difficult to tell who is having more fun. And that just makes you fall in love with him all over again.