Chelsea Houska's New Daughter's Middle Name Is So Pretty & So Unique — But What Does It Mean?

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska celebrated her birthday in a very special way on Wednesday: she gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Layne Ettie DeBoer. Layne really has such a cute name. But fans definitely have to be wondering — what does Ettie mean and does her middle name have any special significance? It's a beautiful and unique choice, that's for sure.

Houska announced Layne's birth in a super simple way — by taking to Instagram where she shared a super adorable photo of her daughter in the hospital. In the photo, Layne can be seen with her arms wide open and a peaceful look on her face, clearly happy to be here. Houska's caption was just as cute as the picture of her little girl. "Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne," Houska captioned the photo.

But Houska's announcement failed to mention Layne's full name — which is where commenters on Instagram came in (and thank goodness they did). In the comments of the photo, one fan of hers asked if her daughter had a middle name — and Houska told them that her middle name is "Ettie." But does it have any special meaning?

The name Ettie has an English origin and means "noble," according to Baby Center. Ettie also has Persian origins, according to She Knows, and means "star." It's also important to note that the name Ettie can be short for other names, such as Esther or Etta, according to Nameberry — but it appears that Houska's use of Ettie isn't short for anything.

The name really is unique — according to Baby Center, around two babies per million were named Ettie in 2014 in the United States, according to data from the Social Security Administration. This is compared to the year 1891 when 248 babies per million were named Ettie.

Bottom line — Ettie is an "old fashioned" name that is rare to come across in 2018, but really has such a gorgeous meaning.

The name Layne (which is pronounced like the roadway, Lane) has just as an inspiring meaning as her middle name. Layne means path or roadway, according to She Knows, which could be taken in a figurative sense.

Houska helped fans with her daughter's name pronunciation in the comments of the photo, teaching them how to properly say it.

Fans seem to think that the name Layne Ettie is absolutely perfect for her newborn. "What a beautiful name for a gorgeous baby," one fan wrote. "Congrats!"

"Beautiful name!" another said. "Congrats to your family you deserve all the happiness in the world. I've been watching your story for years."

"I love the name," another chimed in. "She is precious."

The general consensus? The name is fantastic — and fits right in with Houska's two older kids — 1-year-old Watson Cole, according to OK!, and 8-year-old Aubree Skye.

Now that fans know the super sweet meanings behind Houska's newest arrival's name, they're probably dying to know more details about her birth. Unfortunately, Houska has yet to reveal the time Layne was born, how much she weighed, or how happy her older siblings are to meet her. But fans should give her time; she is recovering from giving birth and still celebrating her birthday, after all.

But, soon enough, fans will be able to see more photos of Layne Ettie, know more details about her birth, and possibly see her daughter's birth documented for Teen Mom 2 cameras. In the meantime, this sweet photo of her baby girl will suffice.