What Does Fruit On Snapchat Stories Mean? It's A Game Reportedly Started By Teenagers


It all started on Christmas. Strange fruit emoji started showing up in Snapchat stories. First it was cherries and blueberries that were popular. Then pineapples, lemons and strawberries started showing up more frequently. So what does fruit on Snapchat stories mean? It's a coded way for users to indicate their relationship status.

It makes sense that it got kicked off on Christmas, social media blog Wojdylo reported, which is probably when people all over the world were sitting around with friends and family and some time to kill. According to Wojdylo, it was started by groups of girls as a way to "confuse" boys. It's a teenager thing, and, according to a Reddit thread, here's the code, so you can be in the know of the latest social media craze. A blueberry means you're single, according to Reddit user "bubblegumwar." A pineapple means your status is complicated; raspberries mean you don't want to commit to a relationship at the moment; cherry means you're in a relationship; a lemon means you want to be single; and a banana signals you just can't find the right person, the Reddit poster revealed.

"Basically the girls wanted to play a game and they were told not to tell the boys what they meant," "bubblegumwar" wrote.


According to the Reddit comments, once the girls behind the Snapchat fruits realized the code had been broken, it evolved into other emoji symbols like animals and candy.

If you're seeing animals on Snapchat Stories, Reddit user "jrrullo06" posted that pig symbols mean "talking to someone," a panda means "single," a whale means "it's complicated," a bird means you like someone, and a cow indicates you're taken. Now you know.

Apparently this whole thing is gaining traction among teens on winter break from school with not a lot to do.

Here's a message from Imgur reportedly sent to girls to get the game going:


Apparently the game has started to cause some friction in a few relationships.

And here's another message posted on Twitter with even more fruits with secret meanings, including avocados, apples, lemons, and raisins.

But there are plenty of people on Snapchat who aren't enjoying the new fruit game.

So the next time you see fruit, animals, candy, or other emoji trends on Snapchat Stories, just know it's probably a group of teenagers trying to be funny. And if you're annoyed, take heart — school will be back in session soon, and none of these teenagers will have time to be tricky by inventing social media games like this one.