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Here's What "Gunner Stone" Means & Why Speidi Might Have Chosen It

If you've been keeping up with the cast of the MTV 2000s hit The Hills, then you probably know that two of its stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, just welcomed a new baby. The reality couple is known for their eccentric style, so it may not be totally surprising that the pair went with a rather unique name for their baby boy. So, what does Gunner Stone mean? Turns out, Montag and Pratt's first child might just be named after one of the new dad's favorite things.

As Speidi fans will know, Pratt kind of has a thing for crystals. Specifically, healing crystals. In fact, Pratt loves crystals so much that, in an interview in 2016, he and Montag estimated that they spent about $1 million on them. So, it should really come as no surprise that a crystal shop presumably gifted the pair another $27,000 on jewels while Montag was giving birth to their little one, as Pratt revealed on Twitter.

Gunner might not seem so auspicious, but it's clear that Stone is a nod to the couple's love of crystals. But, what does Gunner mean, anyway? Well, according to BabyCenter.com, the name Gunner has Scandinavian roots, and means "warrior." Of course, there's no way of knowing if that was the couple's intent in naming their son, as Gunner is also fairly unique and creative. The baby boy's middle name, though, seems to be a clear representation of Pratt's passion.

However, their shared love of crystals wasn't the only reasoning behind the name they chose. In a podcast, Pratt revealed that the couple also chose their baby's name based on available social media handles, telling Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, "We had to ditch a couple names."

Clearly Speidi is preparing their little one to dominate in the social media age. But honestly, who could blame them? Plenty of celebrity babies have their own Instagram accounts, and following them provides regular doses of cuteness, as well as some insight into the lives of your favorite celebs.

And it seems like they were able to narrow it down well before his birth. Pratt and Montag told E! News back in August that they already knew what they were naming their little one, though Pratt admitted that it was "Not as flashy as I would like," adding that he would have liked a somewhat meta approach to the name. "I definitely wanted Speidi," he told E! News. "At least a middle name!"

Obviously, it's clear now that the couple didn't go with Speidi, although it wouldn't have been that surprising if they did. While Montag is certainly a bit tamer in her public persona, Pratt is known for his unpredictability, so it is a bit surprising that the pair, who's been married since 2008, didn't go with a totally out there name, like Branch or Leather.

Whatever the case, it's clear that Speidi will never be the same now that little Gunner Stone has arrived. And as the New York Post pointed out, the crystals that the couple used during birth are actually pretty trendy. In fact, "general recommendations include bloodstone for health, rose quartz for love and pink mangano calcite for good sleeping habits," according to the outlet.

So, if the couple followed those guidelines, then there's a good chance that Gunner Stone is basically set up for a great life and will probably fall in love before I ever will. OK, that was a joke, but seriously, it doesn't really matter what Speidi named their baby, all that matters is that he is happy and healthy. And with his crystals nearby, how can he not be?

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