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Beyoncé's Twins are Geminis & That Means Some Things

After the Beyhive waited with baited breath for what felt like an eternity, US Weekly reported late Saturday night that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter gave birth to twins earlier in the week. While details are still unknown regarding the blessed duo's arrival, one thing is clear: the pair are Geminis. So, what does it mean that Beyoncé's twins are Geminis? You don't have to look towards the stars to know they're already celestial beings.

Little is known about the exact date and time Beyoncé's babies were born, or how "far along" she was when she went into labor and inevitably brought two human beings into the world. Still, even a reported birthday of "earlier this week" makes the twins Geminis, and that means a few things. A Gemini, for those who are not into the Zodiac signs in any capacity, is an "air sign" and applies to anyone who is born between May 21 to June 20. The symbol of the Gemini, fitting in every conceivable way, is "the twins." So, of course Beyoncé would give birth to twins with a Zodiac sign that means, well, twins. Of course, Zodiac signs can be even more complex, essentially assigning traits to people based on when they were born. In other words, and while Beyoncé and family keep the details of their new arrivals close to the chest (and rightfully so, by the way) us mere mortals can look to the stars and get an idea of what these two other-worldly human beings might be like.

According to Astrology.com, the traits of any Gemini include "bright, quick-witted and the proverbial life of the party." The site goes on to say Geminis "can easily see both sides of an issue" and are "a mix of the yin and the yang," which surely plays into the "twin" sign. They're also, reportedly and according to the same site, "supremely interested in developing their relationships," which should surely come in handy, seeing as the twins will undoubtably be the most talked about pair of human beings for days, weeks, and even months (if not years, because who are we kidding?) to come.

Of course, because these brand new twins babies are humans, even though their mother is Beyoncé, being a Gemini does mean a few "down sides." For example, Astrology.com states Geminis can "be wishy-washy, too, changing their mood on a simple whim." They can also be nervous, inconsistent, and indecisive. Honestly, in 2017, who isn't?

Can a human being's entire personality and potential future be predetermined based on when they were born? Honestly, who's to say? All we know for sure, as fans of Beyoncé and eager to know as much about her two new babies as possible, is that the new family deserves all the congratulations, well wishes, and privacy as we could possibly give them. Beyoncé's twins will have plenty of time to reveal themselves to this big great world all on their own, and when they (and their loving, devoted parents) are ready.