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Jade Has Strong Opinions About Her BFF Liz

In Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, the show has been relying on its own history in more ways than one. Not only is Nick a repeat contender, but one of the ladies vying for his affections is actually someone he knows thanks to a couple of other Bachelor alums. Liz Sandoz first met Nick when she was the maid of honor at Jade and Tanner Tolbert's wedding, and it was apparently a night to remember. It's sure to be a big part of Nick and Liz's story going forward, but considering Jade's wedding was where it all began, what's her take on the situation? What does Bachelor alum Jade think of Liz?

Nick's history with Liz goes like this: it's all very Cinderella. They had a magical night at the wedding but after hooking up, Liz declined to give Nick her number when he asked for it. This led to him pretty understandably thinking she wasn't interested (did she at least leave a shoe behind?), but now she's on the show to try and win his heart. And it looks like Jade is rooting for her friend to do just that.

"I'm proud of her for doing it," Jade told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel like it's really brave. She really did have an interest in Nick and she went there to see if there was anything and I totally support her."

In her Entertainment Tonight interview, Jade also gave some more background on the whole situation between Liz and Nick. She teased how juicy the upcoming episodes would be, but mentioned that they would be awkward too. She also expressed some disappointment that Nick didn't do more to connect with Liz in the first place. In Jade's words: "He could've gotten her number, too." (He did try!)

After the wedding, Liz started seeing someone else, so she was distracted from her focus on Nick. However, according to Jade, Liz did remain interested; apparently she wanted to invite him to a charity event in Kansas city, but he was unable to attend.

When it came to commenting on the premiere episode of The Bachelor, Jade thought Nick could have been more open. "I'm curious as to why [Nick wasn't] more open to hearing Liz out and giving her a chance to be there and see if there was anything else because I feel like he was a little closed to it," Jade said.

Nick denied that, explaining that he and Liz would deal with everything in upcoming episodes. It makes sense that Jade would be a little defensive of her best friend, whom she's known since kindergarten, and it's nice to see that she has Liz's back through all of this. Jade has been staying supportive on Twitter and making sure Liz knows she's on her side, which is just what best friends are for.