What Does Jon Snow’s Bloodstain Mean On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6? It Looked Like A Hint

by Chrissy Bobic

The most important thing about seeing Jon Snow dead in the literal snow of Castle Black was probably the bloodstain his body left behind. So what does Jon Snow's bloodstain mean on Game of Thrones Season 6? The bloodstain looked like a dragon, which only makes sense if Jon Snow is the third head of the Targaryen dragon. We all know that he took an oath to serve the Night's Watch until his death, and since his death has happened, that makes it plenty possible for him to be brought back to life by our resident red witch and embrace the possibility of Jon Snow's Targaryen heritage.

Which, once again, has even more evidence behind it now, since Jon Snow's bloodstain looks like a dragon, and Game of Thrones is nothing if not all about foreshadowing the intricate and mysterious futures of all of the ill fated of Westeros. Then again, Jon Snow's bloodstain could mean absolutely nothing and be just a sad sad reminder of what the Night's Watch did to their commander and our favorite wannabe Stark boy.

If Jon Snow's bloodstain is shaped like a dragon, though, it means that we are finally in for a season where R+L=J is addressed, if not confirmed. And if that happens, then that also means that Jon Snow is not dead forever, despite Ghosts's sadder than sad howling and all of that bloody snow that no one will be able to get out of their minds anytime soon.