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What Does Margaery Have Planned On 'Game Of Thrones'? She's Protecting Her Family

From the moment Margaery Tyrell appeared on Game of Thrones it was clear she knew how to play the game. Beautiful, smart, and cunning, Margaery has moved around the chess board, first married to Renly Baratheon, then Joffrey, and now Tommen. It's obvious she takes after her grandmother, Olenna, who's also a boss in her own right, but even Olenna wasn't sure what to believe when Margaery linked up with the High Sparrow, which has caused a lot of people to ask: what does Margaery have planned on Game of Thrones?

In a move that might be her smartest (and craziest) yet, Margaery seems to be playing the long game with the High Sparrow. Though she's reading the scriptures and confessing her sins, in the June 5 episode of Game of Thrones, Margaery slipped her grandmother a piece of paper with a drawing of a flower on it. To anyone else, the drawing might not have meant anything, but the House Tyrell sigil is a rose, and even though Margaery couldn't say it, it's clear she's still truly aligned with her house and family.

But what is it exactly that Margaery has planned? For now it's hard to tell but one things for certain, she will protect her brother at any cost. In Episode 4 of Season 6, Margaery was allowed to see her brother, Loras, who was really struggling. Margaery told him to stay strong but all Loras wanted was for the pain and torture to stop.

We haven't seen Loras in the past few episodes so it's very possibly he's still having a rough go of things under the High Sparrow's thumb. By working with the High Sparrow, Margaery now has a better chance of helping her brother. Just as she was able to warn her grandmother to leave King's Landing because of the High Sparrow's words, the closer Margaery gets to the High Sparrow, the more she knows and the more power she has.

At some point, hopefully soon, Margaery will find a way to use what she knows against the High Sparrow. It's doubtful Tommen's in on her plan (poor Tommen is still just a pawn) but just as Margaery has convinced him of so much else, surely she can use him when she decides church and state should actually remain separate.

Until then, hopefully Margaery won't get caught in her own web of lies and deception. The last thing she wants is to end up back in that cell or taking a walk of shame.