Sonja Flemming/CBS

Matt Is Not Happy With Jason On 'Big Brother 19'

This season of Big Brother started off with a bang before it fell into predictability when Paul gained control of the house. For almost every week, it's been incredibly obvious who the target was and who'd be heading home, and while the majority of the house knew Matt was the target this week, Matt and Raven did not. Thus, they were totally blindsided when Jason didn't use the Power of Veto to take Raven off the block. Now that Jason turned back on his word, what does Matt think about Jason on Big Brother 19?

Going into this week, the plan was always to nominate Matt and Raven and send one of them home. However, to avoid drama in the house, Jason and Paul convinced Matt and Raven that were simply going up as pawns to backdoor Kevin, who Alex would actually like to send home. Thus, when it came time to veto, the plan was to pull down Raven and put up Kevin, as Jason promised, and keep Matt and Raven believing Kevin was being sent home this week.

However, when Jason won the Power of Veto he sat down with Kevin and asked him if he'd be OK being the pawn this week. Smartly, Kevin said he wasn't cool with it and because Jason and Kevin are good friends, Jason decided to respect that, and go against the house, keeping nominations the same this week.

Naturally, both Matt and Raven are very upset. Unsurprisingly, Matt is actually more angry that Jason didn't take Raven off the block, ensuring her safety this week, because this season everyone seems more concerned about someone else's game, rather than their own. Matt is also obviously mad because of Jason's betrayal and seems to have forgotten how Big Brother works.

Sure, Matt has successfully been a pawn multiple times in the house, but that was during a time when there were much bigger targets in the house, besides himself. Did Ramses being sent home him teach him nothing? You can't trust anyone in the Big Brother house and the fact that Matt and Raven actually felt so comfortable going up on the block as pawns this late in the game shows how easily they've been able to float by this season.

Now that Matt and Raven know they're the targets in the house, fans can expect a blow up. You can find out how Jason's decision shakes up the house on tonight's live eviction episode of Big Brother.