7 Ways Your Baby Passes Time In The Womb

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I counted down the days to each and every sonogram. I wanted reassurance that she was growing and healthy, and curious to see just what she was doing in there. I'll never forget seeing her do what I assumed to be a fist pump at my 12 week scan, or the way she leisurely swung her legs back and forth at 15 weeks. If you're wondering, "what does my baby do all day inside me?" you'll be glad to know that your baby is probably being just as adorable as mine was.

It's fascinating to realize the wiggling, flipping, and exploring your baby is doing in the womb long before you can actually feel it. My daughter's 12-week fist pump blew my mind precisely because I had absolutely no idea she was doing it. It took another month or so until I could feel those punches and kicks, and then I felt them at all hours. My daughter seemed to be the most active whenever I tried to lay down and sleep, maybe because she got bored without me moving around and making noise. I can't really blame her— it must get a little dull inside those cramped quarters.

But babies aren't all about the Jersey-style dance moves. Here are seven things your little one is doing to pass the time until they're born.


They Sleep

Though it may feel like you're being punched and kicked by your unborn baby around the clock, your baby is actually spending much of their time in the womb asleep according to The pattern of sleeping and waking up every few hours will probably continue once they're born.


They Dream

Starting at around 32 weeks gestation, there's some evidence to suggest that babies dream in the womb according to Parenting. I bet those are some pretty sweet dreams.


They Move

Babies love to move and explore their bodies in the womb, and it starts pretty early. Parents noted that, at about 16 weeks, babies are moving 50 times an hour. They seem to especially enjoy touching their face, feet, and hands.


They Cry

You won't hear your baby cry until they're born, so you might be surprised to learn that they sometimes cry in the womb as well. According to Cafe Mom, researchers have seen unborn babies cry when they're startled.


They Practice Breathing

Practice makes perfect. Baby Belly noted that babies work on their breathing skills in the womb, even though the umbilical cord provides them with oxygen.


They Hiccup

If you're feeling a series of jerky movements by your baby, they just might have the hiccups according to Baby Center. You might feel your baby hiccuping around 27 weeks or later, and it's perfectly normal.


They Suck Their Thumb

Got a thumb sucker on your hands? According to What To Expect, babies begin sucking their thumb in the womb, which makes the habit stick. Sucking is a reflex and also a great way for babies to self-soothe, so don't worry if they continue to suck on their thumbs after they're born.