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What Does Peggy York Think Of 'The People V. O.J. Simpson'? Lance Ito's Wife Is Busy With Other Things

Wednesday's episode of American Crime Story read more as a soap opera than a real-life situation. On the episode "Manna from Heaven," a name reappeared in the O.J. Simpson courtroom, although it was not knew to any of the major players. The Mark Fuhrman tapes revealed that the former LAPD detective had spoken against his one time superior, Peggy York, the wife of Judge Lance Ito. American Crime Story shows that York became a crucial player in the trial's fragility, so what does Peggy York think of The People v. O.J. Simpson?

Obviously, there's a natural reaction one would have towards hearing your name on tapes that are filled with hate and racial and sexist slurs. You probably wouldn't be too happy. According to Vanity Fair, York had previously reprimanded Fuhrman, even though she said she didn't recall him in a deposition. The audio on the tapes released made comments about York's appearance and, according to Vanity Fair, claiming that York "sucked and f*cked her way to the top."

The series didn't show those exact words, but it possibly brought up some old emotions for York. So, what does she think about the series itself? Like her husband, York hasn't been vocal about the series. You can't really blame her, can you? The series is trudging up a time that was probably very stressful for the York/Ito household.


While we don't know if York is watching the series, she has kept up with crime dramas. York's LinkedIn page states that while she is no longer in the LAPD, she is "currently working on story of murder on streets of L.A." We also know that Ito is reportedly having "a wonderful retirement," via NBC News. Friend of Ito's, former Los Angeles County District Attorney Robert Philibosian, says that the couple travels and has a big group of friends. So, maybe they're too busy to watch American Crime Story, and if they do watch it, at least they have a big group of friends to talk about it with.