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The Meaning Behind Kim & Kanye's New Baby Boy's Name Is Very Spiritual

by Casey Suglia

Just one week ago, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that they welcomed their fourth child, a son, into the world through a surrogate. And now, just one week later, they finally announced their son's name — Psalm. Now, some people must be wondering, what does Psalm mean? Of course, the couple would pick a super unique name for their little boy.

Kardashian took to her social media on Friday evening to share the very exciting news, along with a screenshot of a text message from West. In the screenshot, Psalm can be seen snuggled up in his crib looking so adorable, and West's text message to Kardashian is even sweeter. "Beautiful Mother's Day," he wrote in the text. "With the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need." As if this first photo wasn't exciting enough, Kardashian announced the baby's name in the caption. "Psalm West," she wrote.

Now that everyone knows their son's name, those same people are probably just as curious to find out what it means. But anyone who grew up in a religious family has some idea as to what a psalm is. Psalm, by definition, is a "sacred song or poem used in worship", according to Merriam-Webster. There is a "Book of Psalms" in the Bible, according to Refinery29 which is where a lot of people will recognize the name from.

The name Psalm is unisex, of Hebrew origins, and means "song", according to Baby Names. It's considered to be an "unusual or surprising baby name", according to Baby Center, and is not currently ranked on baby name popularity charts. But, leave it to Kardashian and West to start a baby name trend — knowing them, the name is going to be everywhere now.

Anyone who has been following West and Kardashian recently knows that they've been super open about their faith. So, for them to pick such a religious name makes sense. Not to mention, their 3-year-old son is named Saint, so it falls in line with their family names in addition to their family traditions.

In an interview with Vogue last year, Kardashian opened up about her little family and their religion. "We don't share it much, but we're really religious," she told the magazine. "We start our day with a group chat with a Bible verse from my mom, and everyone chimes in with the meaning of it. We are very Christian — and our work ethic and discipline comes from so many years at Catholic school."

And now, a year later, her family makes that very clear by attending West's "Sunday Service" which he holds every Sunday.

These Sunday Services are religious-type ceremonies, held at various locations, with West at the helm, according to Cosmopolitan. It involves a lot of singing (with a church choir), a lot of fun music, and a lot of A-list celebrities in attendance. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kardashian explained that the service is more healing than it is religious, according to Refinery29. "There's no praying, there's no sermon, no word, just music, and just a feeling — and it's Christian," she said. But, she also added that people of all religions are welcome to attend.

Since the family is so devout to their religion and services, it makes a lot of sense why they would name their son, Psalm. Their kid's names — North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — sound so nice together. And the fact that all of them have so much meaning to the couple makes it all the more special.