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Here's How Santa Claus Improvises When There's No Chimney At Your House

Someone in a red suit with a white beard is preparing for the most magical night of the year, which means you're preparing, too. Traditionally, Santa Claus uses a chimney to deliver presents, but what does Santa do when there's no chimney? He thinks outside the box — or fireplace, in this case. After all, Santa Claus is all about magic. In fact, I think he might like having a few entry alternatives as he and his reindeer deliver gifts on Christmas Eve. Honestly, doing the same thing over and over gets kind of boring, right? Not to mention the chances of a burnt tush if the fireplace is still warm from use. Let's investigate Santa Claus' delivery options, shall we? Kids have not been good all year for nothing.

First of all, and not to be completely obvious, but Santa Claus does have the ability to use your front door. I know, this is a shocking revelation. But since leaving your door unlocked is probably not the wisest decision, how is the big guy supposed to get in? With his Santa key, of course. Turns out, having a key for Santa Claus is a Christmas tradition that I knew nothing about, but totally love considering my family and I live now in an apartment with no fireplace in sight. First, check out the children's book Santa's Magic Key, by Eric James. If you're wanting to try this method for the first time, Hallmark suggests having your children write Santa a letter telling him all about it, perhaps revealing the key in your child's Advent calendar, and finding a special place to hang the key while the kids anxiously wait for Christmas Eve to arrive. I this this is a perfectly suitable option for Mr. Claus.

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Now, I've also heard that Santa can shimmy through a window if necessary. I doubt it's his first choice, given his "belly like a bowl full of jelly," but on the other hand, if your living room has a big window, it might be the fastest way for him to deliver gifts and jet out to his next destination. Also, I think it should be noted that nowhere does it say that stockings must be hung on a chimney with care (OK, perhaps I've read that line somewhere... but luckily, Santa is open to alternatives), but I would suggest that they are on a wall or sofa in plain view so Santa doesn't miss them. Years of Santa Claus visits have prepared me to give this advice, my friends (and any littles who may be reading these suggestions).

Lastly, and I suppose this is the most important nugget of all, magic. Just magic. The magic happens over night, directly from the North Pole to your house on Christmas Eve. But in order for that magic to happen, the very magic that gets Santa Claus down a chimney or through a door or window to good boys and girls around the globe, those good boys and girls have to be sleeping. They can be dreaming about sugarplum fairies or Paw Patrol, it really doesn't matter, but they definitely need to be fast asleep, trusting that the magic is happening while they're tucked away in their beds. And when they awake on Christmas morning, they'll know right away that Santa Claus was there. At that point, it really won't matter how he arrived, right? Enjoy this most magical, wonderful time of year. Just don't forget the milk and cookies (and carrots for Rudolph and friends).