Craig Sjodin/ABC

Yes, Wills From 'The Bachelorette' Has A Real Job

If you love the idea of a guy who loves Harry Potter so much that he got a tattoo, then meet your favorite Bachelorette contestant from Becca's season. He's starting to get a bit of the spotlight now, so what does Wills do for a living? The Bachelorette competitor has already bonded with Becca over their book tastes.

Wills stood out during the premiere for showing off his Harry Potter tattoo to Becca that says "expecto patronus." He said he was a "closet nerd," and Becca said she's also a nerd. He hasn't been on screen too much, but that's because he's pretty much been staying out of drama (except for the time Jordan and David got in a fight after a group date, where Wills' reactions were priceless). But what job does the "closet nerd" have?

According to his ABC biography, Wills is a 29-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles. "Wills was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He went to UC Davis and majored in Design," the bio reads. "He loves his job as an Editorial Designer, but not as much as he loves Harry Potter. Wills is hoping to cast an enchanting spell on the Bachelorette!" Well, the tattoo definitely impressed — and has even been immortalized in gif format.

Wills's LinkedIn states that he is currently a freelance designer, and has been since September of last year. Prior to that he was a news desk researcher at TMZ from February to September, so he did a pretty solid career pivot. Prior to the researcher position, Wills was a content operations coordinator at TMZ — so he's well-versed in the world of reality television. He doesn't hesitate to make it known that he's a jack of all trades, however. Case it point: his portfolio website is literally called willsofalltrades.com. In his LinkedIn statement Wills wrote, "I am an accomplished designer, photographer, content producer, and social media marketing strategist. I create with a purpose." I'm not an expert, but from his portfolio it looks like he does have serious skills.

While he hasn't been on a one-on-one date with Becca yet — and has barely had any time with her alone, at least that viewers have seen — Wills has made an impression on Becca. He won the group date rose for the dodgeball date in the second episode, and when they are shown together they seem to have a lot of chemistry.

I hope Wills goes far in the competition, especially because he seems like a drama-free contestant in the bunch. Even someone like Blake, whom I love, expressed jealousy in the last episode over having to "share" Becca with other men. Hello, you are on The Bachelorette. That is the point! Not Wills, though. He seems totally chill with everything. I think my favorite Wills moment so far in the show was when he was witnessing Jordan and David's epic fight over Jordan's Tinder matches.

Here's what happened: after a group date, Jordan told the other men (with Becca out of earshot, of course) that he received a congratulations notification from Tinder saying he got 4,000 matches in 2017. He also claimed he had a 100% match success rate. I doubt this is real (for the record, Romper reached out to Tinder for clarification but they never responded), but even if it was... why would Jordan talk about this when he's supposed to be here for Becca? David called him out on it, then went to Becca and told her all about it. Jordan was not happy, and they had a tiff in front of everyone, including Wills. Wills made the fight all worthwhile, practically sinking into the couch while covering his face with his jacket, and saying "wow" at some point. Wow indeed, because it was a super awkward situation.

For that reason alone I want him to stick around — and because he does seem like a great match for Becca.