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What Does The Count Think Of Luann De Lessep's Fiancé? He & Luann Have Remained Close


Countess Luann is getting remarried, and in the process finally saying goodbye to her title – officially, anyway. She'll always be the Countess in spirit. It looks like Luann is really happy with her new guy, businessman Thomas D'Agostino, and despite the fact that their relationship has moved quickly (they got engaged after only a couple of months) Luann seems certain that he's the guy for her. She's been divorced from Count Alexandre de Lesseps since 2009 after being married for sixteen years and having two children, Victoria and Noel. Despite the rumors of infidelity that led to their divorce, Luann has spoken fondly of her marriage to the Count. But what does the Count think of Luann's fiancé?

The Count hasn't officially said anything, but it seems like he's supportive of Luann's relationship. Take it with a grain of salt, but the NY Daily News reported that he is invited to the upcoming nuptials, and that he also joked about wanting to be the one to give her away. That definitely seems like he's on board with Luann and her new man. While Luann isn't taking him up on the offer (her brother Michael will be the one to walk her down the aisle), it's a sign of just how well the exes get on.

The Count and Countess didn't necessarily have an easy divorce; according to Luann, he informed her rather suddenly and via email that he had met someone else. Fans saw how tough that was on Luann during episodes of The Real Housewives of New York but they also saw her move past it and grow stronger. She and the Count have a bond regardless of their relationship status thanks to their two children, and it looks like they were able to repair their friendship after their separation.

In RHONY's 100th episode special, Luann told Andy Cohen that she had had a "wonderful marriage. A beautiful marriage." She's repeated that sentiment more than once; even a few years ago, soon after her breakup with Jacques Azoulay, Luann was considering getting back together with the Count. "Never say never," she told in 2013. "Look, I’m the mother of his children. He’ll always love me. He’s never been able to find anyone after me, ever! We talk all the time."

That didn't end up coming to pass, but Luann and the Count have maintained their close relationship. If he's planning on coming to her wedding, it would stand to reason that he approves of her new fiancé.

Unless the Count has a more The Graduate kind of thing planned – then all bets are off.