What Does The New Black Heart Emoji Mean? It Lets The Deepest Depths Of Your Soul Shine


In 2016 people (for better or worse) lovingly rely on emoji to perfectly express what they're feeling. I mean, what better way to get the message across than an unamused side eye emoji or a sleeping face one? I can personally speak to the powers of the side eye expression – it's unapologetically one of my most-used emoji. But what about those times when your inner darkness has completely taken over? Well, now thanks to the new Unicode 9.0 emoji, a black heart can be available to you at your convenience. What does the new black heart emoji mean? It could be your new best friend.

The new black heart emoji is for the cold, dark, and twisted sense of humor that lives in many emoji-using people. It's in honor of those who lovingly embrace their darkness and want to show the world that they are not only unashamed, but darn proud. Whether users identify as emo-loving, black-soul-having people or not, something tells me this new black heart emoji will get a lot of play. It has already caused a bit of a social media frenzy since the new emoji's release was announced.

"Every single one of you better put that black heart emoji beside my name in your phone," one Facebook user wrote.

The black heart emoji is one of the 72 new emoji released by The Unicode Consortium on Tuesday. New emoji include a drooling face, a face palm, an avocado (yum), bacon, and a glass of milk, but the updates have to first be added to platforms like iOS and Android by their parent companies. In the meantime, fans of the black heart emoji have continued to express their excitement.

"I can't find the black heart emoji to match my soul so I guess this will do for now..." a commenter wrote on Facebook.

But not all emoji have been so well-received. According to a BuzzFeed report, Unicode ultimately decided to remove a rifle emoji from its new emoji list, reportedly with influence from Apple.

"The committee decided not to mark them as Emoji, but to add them as characters (that is, normal black & white symbols)," Unicode president Mark Davis wrote in an email to BuzzFeed. This decision means that a rifle will appear in Unicode's character database, but not on a standard emoji keyboard, BuzzFeed reported.

The black heart emoji is on its way to everyone's phones and dark hearts. Until then, I suggest using the side eye or the straight face emoji to hold yourself over.

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