Cliff Lipson/CBS

'BB19's Pendant Of Protection Comes With Consequences

by Allison Picurro

Big Brother calls every season the most exciting one yet, but they might actually be onto something with this one. A huge topic of discussion among houseguest and fans alike has been Big Brother 19's introduction of the Den of Temptation, a new twist that allows America to vote on which contestant they would like to send in to be tempted. Of course, this is Big Brother, so there is naturally a mysterious consequence on the other side of every temptation. Last week, Paul was voted into the Den, and he decided to accept the first offering of the season: the Pendant of Protection. So what exactly does the Pendant of Protection do on Big Brother 19?

In what is sure to go down in one of the most shocking moments in Big Brother history, the jaws of his fellow houseguests fell on the floor when Paul threw Cody's nomination for eviction in his face, revealing he was in possession of the Pendant of Protection. At the last possible minute, Cody was then forced to select a different nominee to put up beside Jillian on the chopping block, and he decided to go with Christmas. So, yeah, you could say this is a pretty powerful pendant. (CBS loves alliteration.)

Aside from shaking up the entire dynamic of the house in the first week, the Pendant of Protection actually does give the holder some impressive powers. Since he accepted the Pendant, Paul is now safe from the next three evictions, including the one this week. He has the best spot in the house for a few weeks, unable to be put up for eviction or be voted out. Uh, what?

Don't forget, though! This is Big Brother, and with great power comes an even greater consequence. While Paul didn't know what that would entail when he gave into temptation, he did know that there would be a consequence for his actions. Turns out that Paul then had to a pick a poison tied to another houseguest, thus cursing whoever was chosen. The houseguest whose poison was chosen is now cursed. The curse, unfortunately bestowed on Ramses, requires him to volunteer himself as a third nominee sometime in the next three weeks. Pretty wild, right?

It's unknown what the Den of Temptation will bring to the houseguests for the rest of the season, but the Ring of Replacement is up next, and it's now up to America to decide who is tempted with it.