What Does Vagina Fogging Do?

Very personal care has come a long way in recent years, and you can have an almost limitless variety of services performed on or around your vaginal area. You can get it waxed, dyed, shaved, and even vajazzled. But for some people, smoke or fog is the ultimate luxury when it comes to down-there care. What does vagina fogging do, anyway? You can learn more about the practice now before ordering it from your spa menu.

Although it may sound like the newest trend in a world of sometimes eccentric treatments, vagina fogging is an old practice. According to Bali Advertiser, vagina fogging is a customary Javanese practice that women use prior to a wedding or other important occasion. More broadly, full-body smoke or incense baths have a long history; for instance, the women in Sudan may bathe in incense, as noted on PRI. Smoke has been used in beauty rituals for generations, and it looks like some modern spas have rediscovered this practice.

In general, the vagina fogging practice is simple. The client sits on a chair with a hole in the seat, and a pot filled with burning charcoal and ratus is placed under this chair, according to Daily Vanity. The ratus, which are dried and scented herbs, help make the whole experience more aromatic. (If you're more of a visual learner, then the vagi stool ($230) from earthdancerwellness will give you a better idea of what these chairs look like).

Sure, that may sound pleasant, but does vagina fogging actually do anything for your vaginal health? Possibly. If you're an avid camper, you may know that some outdoor enthusiasts partake in a smoke bath to kill bacteria and reduce body odor, as noted in Sigma 3 Survival School. So the smoke from burning ratus may indeed help to cleanse your vagina without water. That said, there are not many medical studies on the exact effects of vagina fogging (so knowing whether it can help clear up an infection, for instance, will require more research). At the very least, vagina fogging is a ritual with deep roots that can leave you relaxed and smelling great.