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What Does Vanessa Rousso Think Of Paulie On 'Big Brother'? We Know What He Thinks Of Her

In case you had any doubt you are actually watching Big Brother 18, no, Vanessa Rousso isn't playing again this season. You've probably heard her name so many times this season that it's understandable to be confused. It's actually Vanessa's sister, Tiffany, who's in the house this season and Paulie, who's brother, Cody, played in Season 16. I know, it's confusing. It's as if Paulie has channelled Jane Brady but instead saying, "Marsha. Marsha. Marsha!" it's now, "Vanessa. Vanessa. Vanessa!" It's clear Paulie has Vanessa on his mind but what does Vanessa herself think of Paulie?

Vanessa, who appeared in Big Brother 17 alongside Da'Vonne and James, has been watching Big Brother 18 closely, just like the rest of us. When Tiffany was on the block last week Vanessa was nervous for her sister but was hoping she'd pull through and thankfully Tiff did. However, Vanessa was upset with Paulie for targeting Tiff over Bronte when Tiff could be a "sibling shield," for him. It is somewhat confusing that Tiffany confided in Paulie about her sister being Vanessa early on and then Paulie turned around and used that tidbit against her. One has to wonder why he didn't take that opportunity to make an alliance with her.

With Paulie as head of household this week and putting Tiffany on the block yet again, Vanessa continued to question what his problem was with Tiff and why he couldn't see that the siblings are two different people.

It seems that no matter what Tiffany does, Paulie can only see Vanessa when he looks at her and that's his reason for wanting Tiff out of the house. Even when Paulie nominated Tiffany this week, he brought up Vanessa yet again.

"Nothing personal there's just a lot similarities to your game and your sister's and that's a dangerous person to have in this game," Paulie told Tiff.

With Paulie clearly gunning for Tiff this week it may be hard for her to survive eviction again. However, because Tiff now knows that she can't really trust anyone in the house she's blown up pretty much everyone's game, which may be enough to swing the spotlight off of her and save her for another week.