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What Does Vanessa Rousso Think Of Tiffany On 'Big Brother'? Tiffany Has Big Shoes To Fill

Big Brother 18 premieres on Wednesday, June 22, and a few weeks ago, we learned that not one, but two siblings of former cast members would be joining the show. BB16 alum and runner up Cody Calafiore's little brother Paulie will be joining the house this season, but there's a sister sibling pair, too! BB17's professional poker player Vanessa Rousso, who made it all the way to third place thanks to some killer crying skills, has a little sister named Tiffany joining the house for Season 18. So what does Vanessa think of Tiffany on Big Brother? Unsurprisingly, she's hugely supportive!

So supportive, in fact, that she allegedly tweeted "Tiffany Rousso and Big Brother" on June 7 — apparently, way before she was supposed to — before quickly deleting it. Fans managed to snag an alleged screenshot, though, and the tweet remained crossposted to her Facebook page for several hours longer. So it seems the cat was sort of out of the bag before the cast was officially announced, and the rumor mill started churning. In a much more low-key tweet just before the announcement, Vanessa teased, "I am so excited @CBSBigBrother is just around the corner! Can't wait to for the season 18 cast reveal!" And, of course, when the news finally went live, Vanessa was super enthusiastic about it.

The sisters seem to have a really tight bond, with photos of the two together all over Vanessa's Instagram. Tiffany even hangs out with Vanessa's #bigbrotherfam when they all hit the town together.

Although Tiffany works as a high school teacher — a markedly different vibe than full-time gambler — she sometimes joins her sister in celebrity poker matches for charity.

(Don't worry, Vanessa generously gives her quick skills workshops beforehand.)

The pair also spend holidays together, from coordinating Halloween outfits to coordinating their puppies' Christmas looks.

They even hit up Coachella together this year for one of their frequent sisterly girls trips!

There have been a few rumors amongst Big Brother fan communities that Vanessa might be getting back into the house for Season 18, thanks to an off-handed comment she made about "itching" to get back into the game. While it would definitely be fun to watch siblings duke it out in the Big Brother house, these two seem really close, and it's hard to imagine Vanessa wouldn't give Tiffany her own moment to shine.