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*This* Is What Beyoncé Wants Her Twins To Be

by Korey Lane

While there's no shortage of bad news today, there are still some good things going on in the world. For example, The Bachelorette is back, female-centric comedies will be taking over the box office this summer, and, oh yeah, Beyoncé is still pregnant with twins. It was only 15 short weeks ago when the singer, mother, wife, and feminist icon announced that she and husband Jay Z were expecting twins, in a now-famous Instagram post. Since then, the Queen has blessed all of the internet with a plethora of photos showing off her glowing bump, but some questions still remain. What genders does Beyoncé want, for example? Or does she just want two, healthy little babies for Blue Ivy to play with?

As of yet, the singer hasn't done a lot of press regarding her current pregnancy, or said anything about whether she's hoping for girls, boys, or one of each. But of course, being Beyoncé means that conspiracy theories abound, especially when it comes to not one, but two little babes who are about to make their appearance.

Since her official announcement in February, a plethora of articles, tweets, and posts have been made discussing all the subtle hints that could point to what genders the singer will be having. Still, Beyoncé herself hasn't said what she wants, because she'll probably just be happy with two healthy little ones (as any parent would be).

Still, according to Hollywood Life, a source close to the couple revealed that the parents to 5-year-old Blue Ivy would absolutely love a mix. They claimed,

Ideally they would love to have fraternal twins — a boy and a girl. Beyoncé really wants Blue Ivy to have a sister — she can’t imagine her life if she didn’t have Solange. She would love her daughter to have that kind of relationship, too. And of course she and Jay have always wanted to have a son. Most of all they just want two healthy babies.

However, this is mostly just speculation. In actuality, neither Beyoncé, 35, nor Jay Z, 47, have confirmed what they want, or the actual genders of their twins. But that doesn't mean there aren't about a million guesses.

Seriously, though, does it make a difference what genders the twins will be? No matter what, Blue will have some little siblings to play with, and Beyoncé will have that much more inspiration for her Instagram page. Because, as all moms know to be true, giving birth to a happy baby is all you can ask for.