Blayke Busby From 'OutDaughtered' Is Growing Up Fast

by Chrissy Bobic

The Busby family got their first taste of fame when Danielle Busby gave birth to the only all-female quintuplets on record in the United States. They continued to garner attention for their over-sized female-heavy family when TLC gave them their own show to share their life with the world. Before the quints, Danielle and Adam Busby had Blayke, who is a few years older and wiser than her younger sisters. But what grade is Blayke Busby in and how old is the OutDaughtered star?

Although the quints arguably take up more screen time on the show, fans are still plenty curious about the Busby’s eldest daughter and what she’s like as a kid who grew up in a family of three as an only child for a few years before her mom gave birth to five new sisters. According to her official TLC profile, Blayke turned eight years old on April 5, so she likely just finished up second grade and is on her way to third. There is the chance that she might have started school early or late and could be going into a higher or lower grade, but chances are, Blayke is going to be in the third grade in the fall.

Although Blayke is the big sister who fans watch help her parents any chance she gets, when the show began, Blayke was almost as young as the quints are now. So really, Blayke has grown up in front of the camera as much as her toddler sisters. Still, she seems to be more mature and willing to help her parents than most eight year olds might be.

Danielle wrote a special blog post about Blayke for her birthday on the Busby’s personal blog, It’s a Buzz World. Danielle wrote about her journey with infertility and revealed it took more than two years for her to get pregnant with Blayke. She also wrote that they see their oldest daughter as a blessing and although their lives are now a lot more hectic with five toddlers running around, the Busby family seems to see their life as a blessing too. Danielle added that Blayke has a unique "motherly love" for her little sisters.

“As you approach 8 years old today, I am so choked up with tears of just pure joy," Danielle wrote. "You are leaving these "kid years" and turning into a little lady so fast. Your heart is so full of love and your soul is filled with so much grace."

Outdaughtered fans have watched Blayke grow from a little girl evolving out of the toddler stage and getting used to five screaming newborns to an independent dedicated helper who legitimately seems like the big sister dream. As any parent of multiples can probably attest, the transition could have been a lot rockier, but Blayke seemed to welcome life with the quints as easily as her parents did.

It’s not always rainbows and sunshine with Blayke and the quints, though. Like any siblings, they have their squabbles, and as much as Blayke loves her little sisters, it was likely still an adjustment in the beginning. There was an episode last season where the toddlers went berserk on Blayke’s playroom, as toddlers often do, and the then-seven-year-old wasn't about that life. But Blayke and the quints seem to get along for the most part, which is more than some parents can say for their older and younger kids.

Blayke has proven herself to be the best big sister Danielle and Adam could hope for and she has a lot more patience than a lot of other eight-year-olds probably do.