Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Refresh Your Memory About 'The Get Down Part I'

The wait for Part II of Netflix's The Get Down is almost over: after an eight month break, the show is set to return on April 7. The first season was split into two parts due to production delays, but despite the split-up, the first six episodes still told a complete story that left fans satisfied — even though they longed for more of the characters they had grown so attached to. With the rest of the season about to premiere so soon, some fans may need a little bit of a refresher. If you don't have the time to rewatch (though with only six episodes, it's a totally feasible undertaking), then you might be trying to remember what happened in The Get Down Part I.

At the end of Part I, every character in the show was in a very different place than where they had started. Episode 6 finished on a joyful and triumphant note, and it seemed like everyone had been able to overcome their conflicts so that they could finally get exactly what they wanted. But it was also a little too good to be true. Anyone well-versed in musicals knows that it's all good up until intermission, and then the party is usually over. Things get real pretty quick. But before this turns into too much of a downer, let's revisit the events that brought Part I to its hopeful conclusion.

Main character Ezekiel narrated the series from the future, where he was a successful (but suspiciously solitary) rapper. He took viewers through the events of his youth, starting first and foremost with the love that took up so much space in his heart. Zeke was head over heels for his friend Mylene, who loved him back but had zero time for the distractions of romance as she chased after her dreams of disco stardom. Her dreams were usually quashed by her ultra-religious pastor father, but Mylene wouldn't allow anything to hold her back. She got herself a manager, recorded a hit, and prepared to skyrocket to stardom.

Zeke became torn between all the people he loved: he wanted to do right by Mylene, his aunt, and his deceased mother, but he was also getting more involved day by day with the growing hip hop scene and his friendship with graffiti artist-turned-DJ Shaolin Fantastic. Zeke had to balance an internship in the city that could help him get out of the Bronx with his love of performing and his dedication to his crew: Shao and the Kipling brothers, Ra Ra, Boo Boo, and Dizzee. He ended up being able to manage it all, but for how long?

Shaolin was pulled in several different directions, too. The only character without any kind of familial support system, he was also the one involved in the seedier side of the Bronx. That led to him dealing drugs for queenpin Fat Annie (who was controlling and abusive of him) and eventually killing a man, something he hadn't dealt with when Part I finished up. Music was the only thing holding him together, but Shao was explosive enough that he could go off at any minute.

Then there were all of the secondary storylines: Mylene's uncle Papa Fuerte, who was dedicated to improving the Bronx and had secret feelings for Mylene's mother; Mylene's manager Jackie, who was always one second away from falling apart; Mylene's besties Yolanda and Regina, who joined her on the path to disco stardom; and lastly Dizzee's burgeoning romance with Thor, which took a positive turn when they smooched at a party.

The Get Down Part I fit an incredible amount of progress into six episodes, and did it all with style and songs. Reading about it might jog your memory, but a show that relies on stunning visuals and amazing music deserves the whole experience. Why not set aside a few hours to give it a repeat viewing? When the disco fever kicks in, you won't have any regrets.