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What Happened On 'Scream Queens' Season 1? It Was A Wild Ride

Though the first season of Scream Queens may have only had thirteen episodes, there was enough going on to fill a season twice as long. The most important storyline of the season was that there was a killer on the loose, but even that changed moment to moment: first there was one killer, then two, then maybe three. At some point everyone looked like a suspect. Bodies were disappearing and reappearing. On top of that there were all the relationships to keep track of – and I'm not just talking about Chad Radwell's little black book, which is probably Harry Potter-esque in page number. Let's take a look at what happened on Season 1 of Scream Queens as Season 2 gears up for another year of insane twists and wild mysteries.

Season 1 had its fair share of romantic entanglements, retold urban legends, and dramatic death scenes. Though many of the characters from the first season will be returning for the second, the circumstances of the story have completely changed. The sorority house has been replaced with a hospital, and every character's role is going to be new. At the end of Season 1 the power dynamic flipped: the Chanels lost all their power, and the underdogs took over the sorority. That could continue to play into the events of Season 2 – after all, everything has changed.

The Babies In The Bathtub

Scream Queens opened with a flashback that ended up being one of the enduring mysteries of the season. In 1995, one of the Kappa Kappa Tau sisters bled out in a bathtub in the house after giving birth to twins (which she somehow had no idea she was pregnant with). The identity of the babies – and even the fact that there were two of them, not one – was a question throughout Season 1. The twins ended up being Hester and Boone, who were brought up in a mental hospital by Gigi after their mother and their caretaker died. Child Services, anyone? No?

The Red Devil(s)

The identity of the Red Devil seemed to shift as every single character appeared to be a suspect at one point or another. Ultimately, there were three Devils: Hester, Boone, and Pete, who they enlisted in their murderous rampage as long as they promised to keep Grace safe. They were aided by Gigi, and all four were fueled by a hatred of the Greek system. Ultimately Hester was the true mastermind and the only one to survive the season, which means she's probably going to be up to no good in Season 2.

Dean Munsch

Cathy Munsch was probably the worst dean in history. Not only were there a rash of murders on campus under her watch, she also covered up for the death of the sorority sister in the bathtub and murdered her ex-husband. Dean Munsch didn't end up serving serious time for any of her crimes – in fact, she ended up more successful than ever. After hitting it big with a book about feminism, Dean Munsch gets hella rich. This is important for Season 2 because that's what prompts the change of locale: Munsch decides to purchase a hospital with all her money and enlists the other characters to work there.

The Final Death Count

Though many of the main characters made it out alive, there were quite a few supporting characters who weren't as lucky. Let's just list it out: the maid Ms. Bean, Chanel #2, Chanel #4, three pledges (the Taylor Swift Pledge, Sam, and Jennifer), sorority girls of days past (Mandy Greenwall, Gigi's sister, and bathtub mom Sophia Doyle), assorted frat boys (Roger and Dodger, Caulfield, Earl Grey, and Boone), Denise's partner Shondell, school mascot Coney, Dean Munsch's husband, Gigi, Pete, and the pizza delivery boy who blew up. Whew.

Chad's Romantic Entanglements

Though Chanel #1 was Chad's main squeeze, he cheated on her with nearly every woman he met. He was sleeping with Chanel #2 and Hester, as well as having affairs with Dean Munsch and Denise Hemphill. Though his relationship with Denise apparently turned out to be the real thing, it came to an end when she went off for FBI training – leaving Chad single just in time for Season 2.

The Fate Of The Chanels

Despite being spoiled, selfish jerks with great fashion sense and a total lack of interest in the wellbeing of others, the Chanels were actually pretty innocent of any murderous wrongdoing. That didn't mean they got out of the season scot-free, of course; their bad attitudes and rude behavior had them convicted guilty of the murders even though they were innocent. All three girls ended up in a mental hospital, but it was for the best: they flourished there. It isn't the same hospital that Season 2 will take place in, but it looks like the Chanels must be comfortable in hospitals by now.

It's not certain just how much will carry over from Season 1 to Season 2 but it's likely things will be just as crazy the second time around.