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Something Bad Happened To Annalise In The 'HTGAWM' Flash Forward

The mystery of what happened to Laurel's baby is already hanging over Season 4 of How to Get Away With Murder, but "I'm Not Her" introduced another unknown into the equation. When the episode jumped forward in time, Annalise was nowhere to be found and it looked like something awful had occurred in her hotel room. But what happened to Annalise in the How to Get Away With Murder flash forward? That question hasn't been answered yet, and it probably won't be for a while; mysteries this big usually linger through the entire season.

The flash forward at the end of Episode 2 picked up right where it left off in Episode 1. Annalise's therapist Isaac followed Frank into a hospital room where Laurel was confined to a bed, sobbing about her baby. As she desperately asked what happened to her child, Isaac went out into the hallway to call Annalise and demand to know why she wasn't also at the hospital now that Laurel was awake. Annalise didn't pick up, however; the call went straight to voicemail. When the scene cut to Annalise's hotel room, it became obvious that she wasn't just screening her calls. Something had happened to her, but it was impossible to say just what. She was nowhere to be found.

But that didn't mean the room was empty, either. It was crawling with cops and full of activity, which made it easy to glean at least a few clues. Some of the officers were interviewing other hotel guests on the same floor, but most of them appeared to be conducting a search of the room (which was referred to as a crime scene, leaving no doubt that something had gone terribly wrong there). Bonnie was waved into the scene thanks to her new credentials from the A.D.A.'s office, and she overheard some key details that are sure to come into play as this storyline unfolds.

The police were still trying to locate Annalise but having no luck. They had found a gun in her room, but the police radio became too garbled to hear who the gun was registered to. The most glaring piece of evidence, however, was all the blood: it coated the floor and wall of the nearest elevator. There were even bloody handprints left behind. Finding out the identity of who left the blood and the prints will help put the pieces together when trying to figure out what happened to Annalise, but Episode 2 ended before more concrete answers could be found.

There definitely seems to be some connection between Laurel's storyline and Annalise's, if only because those were the biggest questions raised early in the season. Laurel's ongoing investigation into her father is bound to have consequences because of who he is, and those consequences could be dire. Wes was already killed because of Laurel's dad, and that was only the most recent in a long line of offenses. In "I'm Not Her," Laurel uncovered another mysterious death connected to her father, and there's a good chance it won't be the only one.

If Annalise becomes embroiled in Laurel's revenge plot, then they could both end up suffering the consequences. Both women loved Wes deeply, so it would make sense for them to join forces in taking down his killer. But taking on such a dangerous mission could also backfire spectacularly. Both Annalise and Laurel's baby are missing; perhaps Laurel's father is responsible for abducting both of them.

That's only one possibility, however. With so many episodes left in the season, there's no telling what new developments will occur. Annalise is famous for making enemies and any of them could have come to collect. But it's really too early to worry — Annalise has survived so much that there's no reason to assume she won't survive this too.

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