Dart's Fate On 'Stranger Things' Remains Unclear

Warning: Episode 9 spoilers ahead! In the new season of Stranger Things, Dustin acquired a new friend he named Dart. At first, Dustin didn't know what Dart was, but it soon became clear that the creature was not of this world and was actually dangerous. It turned out that he was a Demogorgon, or Demogorgon Dog (Demo-Dog, for short) as Dustin liked to refer to him. However, in the end, Dart still came through for Dustin, which shows just how strong their bond was. So what happened to Dart on Stranger Things? That's another mystery for next season.

When Dustin first met Dart, he was the size of a slug and was happy to eat the chocolate Dustin gave him. Unfortunately, his tastes changed and he ended up eating Dustin's cat, Mew, which subsequently ended Dustin's good will towards his new friend. But even so, when he, Lucas, Mike, Max, Steve were running to escape the tunnels before the Demo-Dogs could get them, it was Dart who was there blocking the exit. Thankfully, Dustin was able to recognize him by the yellow stripe on his back, and Dart remembered Dustin as well.

Bravely, Dustin approached Dart and distracted him with more chocolate so the others could pass. Dart then let Dustin escape as well, which seems to indicate that even though he may have been born a blood thirsty creature, he did really care about Dustin, at least enough to allow him to try and escape.

But at the end of the finale, Eleven closed the gate between the Upside Down and the real world, so that nothing would be able to crawl out of there again (hopefully). Additionally, when she closed the gate, it seemed like anything that was still in the real world when the gate closed died, just like Will would have if the Shadow Monster was still inside him.

Viewers last saw Dart in the tunnel, which may technically qualify as being part of the Upside Down. Does this mean he didn't die? Right now that remains unclear. But if he is still alive and trapped on the other side of the gate, that may mean Dart and Dustin will never be reunited again. Maybe that's for the best, though. Dart will only continue to grow and turn into a fully grown Demogorgon, and while he allowed Dustin and his friends to escape to safety this time, he may not feel the same way towards Dustin forever. Still, I'd like to believe that if Dustin and Dart met again, Dart would become like Dustin's protector against other Demogorgons or any other monsters that may make their way to Hawkins, Indiana.

But how could Dart and Dustin even be reunited? Although Eleven did close the gate, the finale seemed to hint that it's not really over, when it showed the Upside Down of the school and the Shadow Monster in the background. Is it possible the gate could reopen somehow? Or maybe the Shadow Monster becomes so strong he can open the gate himself? Anything's possible on this show and in this very strange town.

For now though, the kids can happily enjoy their normal lives again. In fact, Dustin's focus has already shifted to other things. Though he was turned down when he asked a girl to dance with him at the Snow Ball, Nancy stepped in and assured him dating would get easier in time. With Nancy and Steve helping him, Dustin will no doubt be getting asked if he wants to dance with one of the girls in his grade. When that happens, he'll probably forget all about Dart, but will Dart really forget about Dustin? We'll just have to wait until Season 3 to find out.

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