What Happened To David On 'The Bachelorette'?!

by Chrissy Bobic

It's not a season of The Bachelorette if the promo for the episodes to come don't show a fight or two and, of course, an ambulance showing up at the Bachelor Mansion, lights flashing. For Becca Kufrin's full season promo, there was the requisite ambulance and injured contestant and Monday night viewers saw that the victim was David Ravitz. But what happened to David on The Bachelorette exactly? Sadly, you can't help but wonder if the paramedics that show up to the mansion do so because of a fight between the contestants rather than an innocent accident, but for David, he hurt himself in the most innocent of ways.

He actually fell off the top bunk in his room, which resulted in not only a broken nose, but also a concussion, according to Reality Steve. In fact, the report claims that the Bachelorette contestant even had bleeding on the brain as a result of the fall and the hospital stay caused him to miss the following rose ceremony. Such an unexpected accident happening to any one of the guys is scary enough, but somehow it was especially hard to watch since David was one of the more lighthearted and adorable men on the first night. Just in case you've forgotten him a bit, he was the chicken guy, ya'll. Or, as described when they show him alone, the "Venture Capitalist/Chicken". Just for context.

Although the original promo after The Bachelorette's premiere episode only teased the ambulance, it was after the second episode we learned who was injured: David. A close up shot of David being rolled out of The Bachelorette mansion on a stretcher, surrounded by paramedics, set the tone for all of the drama to come. In the short clip, we also watch as David's fellow contestants watch him being rolled out while looking very, very concerned. However, it's Becca's tearful reaction that really upset viewers.

In what looks like just moments after hearing what happened to David, Becca can be seen crying alone in one of the many outdoor areas of the mansion. Without full context, she seems to be questioning why one of the other contestants would hurt another like this — though, as the aforementioned report claims, this was just a terrible accident.

According to Reality Steve, we'll likely find out more about what happened to David in episode three. As the report shows, it wasn't quite clear if David's injuries would be addressed in the second or third episode. Now that the second episode is over, it's pretty safe to assume that we'll be seeing everything unfold — ambulance and all — in episode three.

Here's exactly what Reality Steve is reporting went down:

It was either this episode or episode 3 where David Ravitz fell off the bunk bed in the mansion, breaking his nose, suffering a concussion, and even had bleeding on the brain. That’s the ambulance you see in the season preview. He missed a rose ceremony, but obviously returned since he was on the 2-on-1 in Vegas.

The teaser clips of David's accident had Bachelorette fans shook immediately. And where else would said fans share their reactions than on Twitter?

Below is just a sample of how Bachelor Nation is reacting to a contestant being seriously injured:

As mentioned, David is reportedly going to miss a rose ceremony due to this accident and his injuries. Not to be insensitive, but for now it's unclear whether Becca will keep him in the running because she wants to, or because he's getting a free pass for his tragic accident.

Knowing Becca, she'll explain everything to The Bachelorette fans when the time is right. That being said, here's to hoping David had a full recovery and is feeling better than ever!