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What Happened To Elsie On 'Westworld'? She's Missing In Action

by Kathleen Walsh

When fans last saw Elsie on Westworld, she was doing some detective work to find out what's behind the host malfunctions, and of course, who's been stealing company secrets. Then she was kidnapped and — nothing. She hasn't been seen since. So what happened to Elsie on Westworld? She's been missing for an entire episode and viewers are starting to get worried. Elsie is a fan-favorite character for her wit, her smarts, and her no-nonsense approach to her job, not to mention a welcome respite from all the other characters who always seem to have one (or five) tricks up their sleeve and secrets for days. Which is why everyone is very worried about this particular engineer.

There have, of course, been theories floating around on the internet as to where she is at the moment, but none have really caught on, at least not in the way the William-is-the-Man-in-Black theory or the Bernard-is-a-robot theory did. One Redditor, why_Charizard_why, posits a theory that Elsie is also a robot, based on an alphabetical pattern. Personally, I'm not so sure I'm quite convinced about that yet, but hey, anything is possible on this show. Another Redditor, Comeoutandshakeit, believes that Elsie has been recruited by the mysterious Arnold and is about to become his ally in the big robotic hostile takeover that's about to go down. That one seems more plausible, but would Elsie really agree to go along with it? Maybe if she felt forced.

Personally, I have another theory, but be prepared to be depressed. Dr. Ford has made it abundantly clear that he takes exactly no chances when it comes to people messing with his vision, his plans, or his hosts. When Theresa Cullen got too close to shutting him down, he straight up had her killed by robot Bernard. Elsie is another person who seems to be one of the few Delos employees getting close to knowing exactly what is up. She's the one who questioned why the stray would be interested in stars. And she's the one who did enough investigative work to find the satellite transmitter in the hosts. Then there's the fact that she also found that terrifying abandoned house in the park where she discovered something else that was really important, though, viewers have yet to know what that is.

The fact is, she's got too much information, so I think that Ford, or one of his robot henchmen, got to her and killed her. She'll probably reappear soon, but maybe as a robot version of her former self. Of course, this is just a theory, so I don't actually know what's happened to Elsie. But fingers crossed she comes back soon. Westworld could use her help right about now.