Rachel tapping Gunther on the chest next to Monica's apartment door in Friends
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What Happened To Gunther From 'Friends'? James Michael Tyler Had A Good Life After Central Perk

by Amanda Mushro

When the rumor mill started that the gang from Friends were getting together for a reunion, the Internet lost its collective mind. The reunion turned out to be a televised tribute to Friends' producer James Burrow, but the excitement proves that Friends and it's stars will continue to be TV favorites. And although fans have kept up with the sixsome, there are many smaller characters they want to know about. Like the man behind the Central Perk coffee bars, Gunther. Seriously folks, what happened to Gunther from Friends and what is he doing now?

For ten seasons, James Michael Tyler played Central Perk barista Gunther. With his unrequited love for Rachel, his snarky comebacks, and his signature bleach blonde hair, he became a show favorite and had the most guest appearances of any other actor on the show. Even though his character didn't have a name or a speaking role until the second season, Friends just wouldn't be the same without Gunther. So what became of our favorite barista once the gang grabbed their last cup of coffee? Well he's appeared in a fair share of movies and TV shows, spent some time at Central Perk again, and even got a new look.

Still want to know more? Here are some other things Tyler has been up to since Friends ended.


He Stopped Dying His Hair

According to Buzzfeed, Tyler had to bleach his hair every week for ten years to keep it platinum blonde while filming], but when the show ended, he put the bleach away and went back to his natural color.


He Opened A Central Perk Replica In London

In honor of the Friends 15th anniversary in 2009, Tyler opened a replica of Central Perk for fans in Carnaby Street, London for two weeks, according to the New York Post.


He Appereared In A Pilot

According to his IMDB profile, Tyler appeared in a pilot for a show called Nobody's Watching in 2006. The premise of the pilot involved him playing himself working in Central Perk. Sadly, the show wasn't picked up and the pilot never aired.


He Shared The Screen With Matt LeBlanc

Tyler also appeared in Season 2 of Matt LeBlanc's sitcom Episodes, where he played himself playing an ice hockey coach in the fictional television show Pucks.


He Still Won't Sit On The Orange Couch

The infamous Central Perk orange couch is on display in the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood, but Tyler stays far away from it. Tyler told Buzzfeed that it was an unspoken rule that only the six main characters could sit on the couch when the cameras weren't rolling.