What Happened To Rebeca Andrade's Floor Routine Music? The Gymnast Missed Her Start

The gymnastics-loving world anxiously awaited the Fierce Five's return to the Rio Olympics, as the stakes are high and the expectations are even higher. However, while Team USA has arguably the attention of most viewers, Rebeca Andrade of Team Brazil is another fan favorite. Not only is the gymnast talented (hello, she's an Olympian) but she is well-known for her floor routine that, of course, is performed to Beyoncé. Sadly, her floor routine was stifled Tuesday afternoon, leaving viewers to wonder, "What happened to Rebeca Andrade's floor routine music?"

Incredible women doing incredible things to incredible music made by another incredible woman? What else is there to love? Well, a solid, on-time start, for one. Sadly, the floor routine to a medley of Beyoncé's well-known singles of "Crazy in Love" and "Single Ladies," was stifled, as it appeared that the music was started, then stopped, throwing off the Brazilian gymnast and her start. Many viewers also were quick to point out that Andrade had a difficult time hearing the music altogether, keeping her from starting her floor routine on time and matching her incredible tumbling to the music.

When you're acutely aware that all eyes are on you, even something as seemingly small as a late start (and let's face it, when you can be deducted fractions of a point for something minor, it's not small) can seem catastrophic.

Still, Andrade will always have this flawless performance, which is nothing to scoff at.

The late start courtesy of the music snafu didn't seem to upset Andrade's die-hard fans, either, who took to twitter to talk about her stellar performance, even if it was the result of a botched start.

Let's face it, the majority of us couldn't even tumble into the comfortable couches we're watching these amazing athletes perform from. Late start or perfect start, flawless music execution or a small problem; what these women are doing is incredible.