Eric McCandless/ABC

What Happened To The Audio On 'Dancing With The Stars'? Terra Jole's Video Was Interrupted

by Kathleen Walsh

One the fun things about live television is that anything can happen. This can also be the danger. For example, when you expect to air a heartfelt video package introducing a competitor, the audio might glitch and create robot demon voices for everyone instead. What happened to the audio on Dancing With the Stars? Terra Jolé's video package was unfortunately interrupted by some disturbing voices. As usual, before beginning her routine, Terra was introduced with a video package about this week's journey. Because this is now the semi-finals, the video packages this week are a little more thorough, and included heartwarming messages from the stars' family and friends. Unfortunately, Terra's was initially thrown off by some messed up audio.

The video started with a message from Terra's mother, who I was surprised to hear speaking with something of an Exorcist vibe. (There's no nice way to put that). Instead of hearing her in her normal, friendly mom voice, she spoke in a bizarrely deep baritone that is probably what the devil sounds like, but I cannot say for sure. The unfortunate thing was that it was so weird and off-putting that it possibly overshadowed the sweet message that the video package was supposed to convey. Because believe me when I say that Twitter noticed the glitch.

The demon voices were quickly corrected, however, as it was probably due just to a simple audio glitch and not literal demonic possession. If you had recovered from your temporary existential dread fairly quickly, you'd be able to see that the video package was actually incredibly moving. Terra spoke about her struggles with being little and being different, and how that was in no way going to stop her from becoming a star and following her dreams. She moved to LA when she was young with basically nothing at all, and has brought her career to where we see it today all by herself.

She and her partner Sasha Farber then went on to perform an emotion-charged rhumba, which the judges agreed was her best performance yet in the competition. They awarded her her first perfect score of the season, which might just be exciting enough to forget about the demon voices.

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