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What Happened To The Boys Of O-Town? Some May Be Coming To A Concert Venue Near You

Think back to the heady days of 2000, and a little TV show by the name of Making the Band. The winners of this reality show went on to form the legendary boy band O-Town. For three beautiful years, the members of this group produced songs that live in the hearts of noughties kids everywhere. But what happened to the boys of O-Town, and where are they now?

First, a recap: O-Town's origins are more dramatic than you might remember. Their original manager, Lou Pearlman, is still serving a 25-year prison sentence for a Ponzi scheme he ran to the tune of a half-billion dollars, as explained by The Hollywood Reporter. And like many former reality stars, O-Town's original members Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller, and Ashley Parker Angel, have lived interesting lives long after the cameras stopped rolling. Whether you followed every episode of Making the Band with intense devotion or you still can't get "All Or Nothing" out of your head, catching up with the boys today is sure to be interesting. Who has branched out into an acting career, and who has performed in two Broadway shows? Spoiler alert: you just might be able to see some O-Town members on a reunion tour near your city very soon.


Erik-Michael Estrada

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It looks like this member of the band has decided to pursue acting in a major way. Estrada starred as Babyface in the 2014 drama Los Lost Ones, which follows a family who must pull together to rescue two women from Mexican-American drug traffickers. Estrada also maintains an active Twitter account. It details his upcoming films and concerts, as well as thoughts about spin class.

But he has not given up on his roots. According to the group's official site, Estrada is appearing with the remaining members of O-Town in the MY2K Tour, which also features 98,° Ryan Cabrera, and Dream.


Trevor Penick

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Taking on the stage name Tre Scott, Penick attempted a solo career after his boy band days. According to OK! magazine, he released a single called "Hold On" under this name. Penick has also taken his turn at film. He acted as Dad in 2015's drama Killing Lazarus, and he appeared as himself in the 2011 documentary about Hollywood dreams, AKA Private. Penick also appeared in the Syfy channel movie Dead 7 alongside Estrada, playing Beau the Ranger. Penick can also be seen on the stage this summer in the MY2K tour.


Jacob Underwood

Underwood's country band, Jacob's Loc, released an album in 2006. According to the band's Facebook page, the last single, "Whiskey Callin,'" debuted in 2011. He will also be a part of the summer tour and continues to contribute to the group's 2014 album Lines & Circles.


Dan Miller

Like many of his band mates, Miller tried his hand at a solo career. Miller's 2005 solo album, Slower Than A Gun, includes songs such as "Move the Sun" and "Smoking Gun." Though he's also taken to the screen, appearing in Dead 7, Miller's biggest accomplishment may be his family. According to a 2014 piece in Glamour magazine, Miller and his wife, Erin, have been married for more than decade and have a child together.


Ashley Parker Angel

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Angel's career has taken a different turn from his fellow O-Town alum. As explained on MTV, Angel was not a part of the O-Town's reunion album and tours, although there are no hard feelings about his decision to leave the group. In 2006, he had his own MTV show There and Back, which followed Angel as he attempted to make another go in the music industry. But his musical talents went beyond the concert stage. As explained on Broadway.com, Angel performed as Link Larkin in Hairspray in 2007. And, according to Out, Angel also performed as Fiyero for a national tour of Wicked in 2014.