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What Happened To Tormund On 'Game Of Thrones'? Things Looked Dire

The Battle of the Bastards on Game of Thrones was a bloody one, and it didn't look like every well-loved character was going to make it out alive. In fact, straits were pretty dire. Tormund, everyone's favorite wildling and president of the Brienne of Tarth fanclub, seemed as though he'd be a goner at one point. What happened to Tormund on Game of Thrones?

The fight was rough. Jon's forces were massively outbalanced by Ramsay's huge army, which just kept closing in tighter and tighter. Tormund and Jon and the rest of their side were basically buried in bodies at one point while Ramsay's soldiers surrounded them with impenetrable shields and spears in hand. Tormund took some hits but he was able to survive the fray – and even kick some serious ass in the process.

The battle was so hectic that men were squeezed together like sardines at one point, unable to free themselves and barely able to fight. Tormund found himself face to face with Smalljon Umber, the formerly loyal Stark bannerman who gave up Rickon to Ramsay. Tormund must have been channeling the bitterness of fans when he took out Lord Umber: first he ripped a chunk out of the side of Umber's throat, then straight-up stabbed him in the eye.

Not exactly pleasant, but nevertheless kind of gorily satisfying.

Though the Stark side lost most of their men in the battle, Wun Wun included, Tormund was thankfully one of the few to survive. His takedown of Lord Umber spoke to the fans who felt betrayed by the Umbers' turning on the Starks, and it even acted as something of a prelude to seeing Jon take down Ramsay. Both altercations were shockingly violent in a very personal way; they were fueled by all the anger and frustration and pain that caused this battle in the first place. Tormund might not have had personal stakes in this fight in the same way Jon did, but by the end of the battle it was personal for everyone involved. They were all struggling and suffering together to survive, and Lord Umber took the full brunt of those emotions. Much like Ramsay took the full brunt of Jon's fists.

Tormund has endeared himself to fans for a myriad of reasons, from his loyalty to Jon to his very impressive ginger beard – and most recently, his heart-eyes over Brienne. If Tormund had been lost in battle, he would never again be able to flirt with a confused Brienne over the breakfast table! That would have been a tragedy of the highest order, but luckily Tormund lived to possibly meet Brienne again one day. Hopefully she'll be impressed with stories of his prowess in battle.