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What to Do If The Condom Gets Stuck

by Lindsay E. Mack

The stuck condom may sound like an urban legend, but it can happen in real life under certain circumstances. If this is your preferred method of birth control, wondering what happens if the condom gets stuck is inevitable. Fortunately, though, there are some simple ways to deal with this conundrum.

First, try to remain calm. A condom (or any other object) can't get lost inside the vagina forever, so it will get retrieved at some point. According to WebMD, the initial course of action would be to remove the lost condom at once, using clean fingers and a gentle sweeping motion. No luck? Try putting one leg on a chair, as recommended in Love to Know. You or your partner can continue the sweeping search from this position. Lastly, assuming a squatting stance, and bearing down on the area, might push it free, according to the website for Self. Give these tactics a few tries.

If nothing budges, then it's important to seek medical help at once. As explained on ZocDoc, objects left in the vagina may cause an infection, so it's important to get to your OB-GYN or a medical clinic ASAP. Sure, it may feel a little embarrassing, but doctors have seen everything.

Once the condom has been extracted, there's another matter to consider: your sexual health. If the condom was used as your only form of pregnancy prevention, then it's smart to get a form of emergency contraception, as noted by Planned Parenthood. If STIs are a concern, then mention this to your physician as well as getting checked out immediately.

Lastly, you probably want to do anything to keep this debacle from happening again. Fortunately, it's pretty rare for condoms to slip off, so it was possibly just a one-time fluke. That said, it's still smart to make sure the condom fits snugly around your partner's shaft, and that you aren't putting too much lube inside the condom, as noted by Go Ask Alice. Hopefully, though, this disappearing act was a one-time thing, and you won't have to go searching for a lost condom after future sexual adventures.