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The 'Runaways' Comics Take Teens On A Harrowing Journey

by Zakiya Jamal

First there was the Avengers, then the Defenders, and now there's a whole new group of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though these heroes are a bit on the younger side. The Runaways are a group of teens who learn their parents are part of the villainous group called the Pride, and also discover their own powers. The comics came out not too long ago, but if you missed them, you may be wondering what happens in the Marvel's Runaways comics?

In case you're completely new to this group of heroes, the Runaways includes Molly Hernandez (Hayes in the comics), Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Gertrude "Gert" Yorkes, Nico Minoru, and Alex Wilder, along with Gert's dinosaur, Old Lace. Yes, there's a dinosaur, and she's just as amazing as you'd imagine. In the show and the comics, Alex is the de facto leader of the group, as he brings the kids together on the night of their parents' annual charity event. Though not everyone in the group has abilities and not everyone in the group is human, together they make a formidable team against their parental figures.

You can watch the first three episodes of the series on Hulu now, but if you want to know the story behind the show, keep reading. Warning: spoilers from the comics ahead!

Gert Gets A Dinosaur

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At the start of the series, Gert finds a dinosaur who has a telepathic link to her, which allows it to know what Gert is thinking and feeling at all times. Gert named it Old Lace and renamed herself Arsenic after joining the Runaways.

Karolina Discovers She's an Alien

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Karolina's parents had given her a bracelet that suppressed her alien powers, but after learning about her parents' involvement with the Pride, she soon learned the truth. Her abilities include flying, projecting energy blasts, and creating force-fields. She also went by the name Lucy in the Sky.

Alex & Nico Fall in Love

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Alex and Nico, also known as Sister Grimm, developed a relationship over the course of the comics, but it came to a disastrous end, when Alex betrayed the Runaways.

Alex Ends Up Working With The Pride

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A year prior to when the other Runaways learned about the Pride, Alex had discovered his parents' secret. However, he also learned that Molly and Karolina's parents were planning on betraying the others so only their children would gain the immortality the Pride received from the Gibborim, the giants they made sacrifices to. To save his parents, Alex turned on the Runaways when they faced off with against their parents, only saving Nico, but she refused to work with him. Alex was then killed by the Gibborim.

Molly Gets Placed In An X-Men School

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Because Molly, nicknamed Bruiser, was a mutant (she's super strong), after the Gibborim killed the Pride, she was placed in an X-Corporation school. However, Gert eventually freed her and they both rejoined the Runaways.

Gert & Chase Also Date

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Gert and Chase also fell in love during the course of the comics, but broke up after Gert learned Nico and Chase kissed after a fight with the villain, Pusher Man. Despite the break-up, when Gert died, she passed her telepathic connection with Old Lace to Chase. Gert also gave Chase the nickname, Talk Back.

Karolina Leaves The Runaways To Return To Space

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Unbeknownst to Karolina, her parents had betrothed her to an alien prince named, Xavin. However, Karolina wasn't going to marry him because she's likes women, but he was able to use his shape-shifting abilities to become a female instead. Thus, Karolina returned to her home world to marry her and stop an ongoing war. However, the couple eventually returned to Earth and rejoined the Runaways.

Nico Attempts To Resurrect Alex

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Nico could use magic, just like her parents, and attempted to use the Black Mirror, one of the four Cornerstones of Creation, to resurrect Alex, but the spell failed and the Mirror shattered. Alex's online friends also attempted to resurrect him, but instead killed one of their members and brought back the 1985 version of Geoffrey Wilder, Alex's father.

So much more happens in the comics and the best way to know it all is to read them. You can find the complete collections of the Runaways on Amazon.

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