How An Induction Affects Your Baby

Pregnant mothers may be well versed on how to prepare and what to expect if scheduled for an induction. Before the procedure, your doctor or midwife will go over what will happen to you while having your labor induced. But did you ever think about how this looks from your baby's point of view? What happens to baby during an induction? If your baby could talk, would she have much to report?

Chances are, if you've gone past your due date, have had a complication with your pregnancy, or your baby isn't thriving, your health care practitioner has brought up the possibility of inducing labor, as What To Expect's website explained. These common reasons for induction could lead to you meeting your baby soon. But will your baby's travels from the womb to the world be any different than if she had been born without you being induced? The odds are pretty unlikely. The majority of the time, induction is necessary because the mother's body has not begun labor, according to Baby Center. Which means the baby is going to be along for the ride whether a mother begins labor spontaneously or needs a little nudge from modern medicine.

As long as your pregnancy and labor have been normal, your little one will experience the same things that happen to baby when they're being born. They are going to be looking, listening, and using their reflexes to breath and stay warm just like they would if labor had not been induced. However, there are some risks specific to labor induction that differ from spontaneous birth. As Mayo Clinic pointed out, need for a C-section, low heart rate, and infection are all possible risks for the baby when labor is induced. However, it's also important to factor in that going too far after your due date comes with a set of risks as well, as Kids Health, a website from Nemours explained.

During the induction, your baby is hanging out in the womb as your body does the work necessary to deliver. The fact that Mother Nature needed a helping hand to get the ball rolling will likely have no impact on the birth of your child. In the end, the result is the same: a beautiful new baby to love and snuggle.