Duncan & Isadora's Story On 'ASOUE' Is Left Hanging In The Air — Literally

Warning: Season 2 Episode 6 spoilers ahead! After the two remaining Quagmire triplets were kidnapped by Count Olaf and his troupe on A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Baudelaire siblings planned to stop at nothing to find out where they had been taken. That led them to the Village of Fowl Devotees, also known as V.F.D., where Olaf was hiding the Quagmires. But what happens to Duncan and Isadora Quagmire on ASOUE? That's the very thing everyone was trying to discover throughout the first half of Season 2.

Duncan and Isadora were abducted from the Prufrock Preparatory School as soon as they learned the truth about another V.F.D., a set of initials that referred to the secret society most of the adults in the series belong to. Count Olaf first hid them in a cage at the bottom of an elevator shaft in Esmé Squalor's luxurious apartment building, but he quickly relocated them to the inside of a giant red herring statue.

Unfortunately, as soon as the Baudelaires learned of the Quagmires' new location, they were moved yet again to somewhere secret in the village. Despite all their searching (and some rhyming clues from couplet expert Isadora), Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were prevented from finding their friends because of Olaf's antics — at least at first. Thankfully, the show eventually let the audience know where Isadora and Duncan were at long last.

Joseph Lederer/Netflix

Isadora delivered another set of rhyming couplets to the jailed Baudelaire siblings in Episode 6 that, when combined with the first few, let the Baudelaires know where to find them. Instead of simply writing down where she and Duncan were (which could have saved everyone a lot of trouble, just saying), the couplets had to be arranged correctly so that the first word of every line spelled out FOUNTAIN. Klaus was able to figure it out just in time, leading him and his sisters to the dry fountain in the center of town. It was shaped like a large crow, and when Sunny pulled on the sculpture's beak, it opened up to reveal a secret compartment. Inside were Isadora and Duncan.

Despite the initial joy at being reunited, the two sets of siblings weren't safe for long. Count Olaf had framed the Baudelaires for his own murder (in reality, the townspeople had mistaken Jacques Snicket for Olaf, and Olaf killed Jacques himself) and the village wanted bloodthirsty justice. A mob began to chase the Baudelaires with plans to burn them at the stake, and the children had to find a way to escape quickly lest they end up in the flames.


Sunny drove them beyond the limits of the town so they could catch up with their recent guardian Hector in his self-sustaining hot air mobile home. It was the perfect way to get out of town, but as this show has repeatedly promised, things never unfold in the way viewers might want them to. Isadora and Duncan were able to climb into Hector's mobile home and get away, but the Baudelaires weren't so lucky.

The Baudelaires and Quagmires parted ways once again at the end of Episode 6. It seems like Isadora and Duncan might be safe for now with the kindly Hector, but there's no way they'll be gone from the story forever. The triplets do show up again in the book series that the show is based on, which likely means that they will return some time in the future. The when of it all is hard to predict, but at least they should be out of harm's way in the interim.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny's safety isn't nearly as assured at the end of "The Vile Village: Part Two." They're bound to find their way into another predicament, though at least they're equally likely to find their way out of it again, too.

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