Elizabeth's Family Is Still In Danger On 'The White Princess'

While The White Princess takes on Elizabeth of York and Henry VII's story, there is a myriad of film and television that portray different times of English history — The Tudors and Princess' own prequel, The White Queen, are recent examples. Examining these generations is fascinating because viewers have the luxury of knowing what happens in the next era. This is true of the Princess finale, which leaves Elizabeth, Henry, and their children's fates up in the air. So what happens to Elizabeth's children on The White Princess? They were supposedly "cursed."

By series' end, Maggie and Elizabeth's relationship had pretty much fizzled out. They were cousins and confidants at the beginning of the series, but Maggie strayed away due to Elizabeth's actions and aligning with the Tudors. This came to a head in the finale when Elizabeth had Maggie's brother, Teddy, executed for treason when it was clear he didn't do anything. She simply wanted him out of the way of the throne. After Teddy died, Maggie confronted Elizabeth with something she's feared since her first child, Arthur, was born: her children are cursed. It had been a lingering thought throughout the series, and it came to the forefront again.


Was Elizabeth's early premonition right – were her children cursed? Well, if one believes in curses, yes and no. Only four of her seven children survived childhood: Arthur, Henry, Margaret, and Mary. That's pretty tragic in itself, but that's not the only death in the family. She and Henry's firstborn, Arthur, died in 1502 before he was 16 years old. The cause was a "sweating sickness," and it occurred just several months after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Elizabeth herself passed away in 1503, so she didn't live to see any more of her adult children die; she also didn't live to see Henry VIII take over the throne, as her husband died after her as well.

Elizabeth's most famous child is Henry VIII, who is one of the most known English figures. He ended up having six wives and poor health, eventually passing away at age 55. The "curse" may have ended up being a toss-up; the Tudors certainly had hardship in their lives, but it wasn't all gout and executions (well, maybe it was). Regardless, The White Princess ended on a somewhat ominous note about Elizabeth's children. If the show returns, perhaps viewers will see how their lives played out.