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What Happens To Maggie In 'The Walking Dead' Comics? She Finds A New Home

by Megan Walsh

The Walking Dead hasn't checked in with Maggie since the premiere, but that's about to change in Sunday night's episode, "Go Getters." The last time fans saw Maggie, her entire world had just collapsed. She has already lost a lot, as have all the characters, but during all those other tragedies she had Glenn by her side. Now he's gone, and Maggie very well might be left unmoored. The next phase of their life together was just beginning and all of that was ripped from her with the swing of Negan's bat. It would be understandable if she just fell apart at this point — I certainly would — but Maggie has always been a fighter. The comics make it clear that she will grow and find strength from her pain, but what happens to Maggie in The Walking Dead comics?

After Glenn died in the comics, Maggie decided to honor his final wish and relocate to the Hilltop community, which Glenn thought was safer than Alexandria. It was there that Maggie really came into her own, though it wasn't an easy journey. After coming into conflict with Hilltop's leader, Gregory, Maggie eventually unseated him and became the new leader of the community, a position she still holds in the comics to this day. But how exactly does it all come about?

When the Saviors and the Alexandrians finally headed toward war (something that's bound to happen on the show as well), Maggie became frustrated by Gregory's refusal to get involved. In his mind, Negan was a reasonable man with whom he'd been able to figure out a workable situation; the threat of war destroyed all that. Maggie wasn't so interested in this line of thinking, considering Negan slaughtered the love of her life. So she punched Gregory in the face before rallying the people of Hilltop to join the fray. After that, Maggie was the de facto leader.

She continued to lead Hilltop after Negan was taken captive. She gave birth to her son, Hershel, and kept control peacefully for two years, until things started to go wrong again. A brand new group called the Whisperers started threatening everyone's way of life, but there were also problems closer to home as well. Gregory began to stir discontentment about Maggie's leadership, so she made the executive decision to have him executed by hanging. It was the kind of difficult situation many leaders in The Walking Dead have had to navigate, and Maggie proved she could make the tough decisions.

Suffice to say, Glenn's death changes Maggie. It's unusual for a male character's death to act as fodder for a female character to grow as a person (usually it's the other way around), but that's what happens in this case. She survives and becomes more formidable, but she also gets colder and harder.

Maggie was able to rebuild, but all of that can change on a dime in The Walking Dead. She was last seen in the comics evacuating Hilltop as it burned thanks to a Whisperer attack: one more seemingly insurmountable loss that Maggie will have to find a way to grow from. But in the meantime, Negan better watch his back.