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'The Walking Dead' Comics Reveal The Fate Of Maggie's Baby

It would be understandable if fans of The Walking Dead were getting a little impatient about the progression of Maggie's pregnancy. She's been newly pregnant for three straight seasons and it doesn't seem like she'll be delivering any time soon. Since the show is putting this storyline on the backburner for now, curious viewers can turn to the comics to figure out how it all might turn out. So what happens to Maggie's baby in The Walking Dead comics?

The show has been following the comics closely in the last few years, but it still hasn't caught up with its source material. That's good news for fans who are looking for answers. Much like in the show, Comics Maggie moves to the Hilltop after Glenn's murder because it was what he wanted before he died; he thought she would be safer there than she was at Alexandria. And just like in the show, Comics Maggie did eventually oust Gregory and take over Hilltop for herself. She was only a few weeks pregnant during that time and, though she would go on to have a healthy baby, readers didn't actually get to see her give birth. That could be a sign of how things will play out on the show as well.

As the person in charge of the Hilltop, Maggie was instrumental in giving Rick and Ezekiel the numbers they needed to win the war against the Saviors. After that, however, the comics skipped forward in time at least two years. When they caught up with Maggie again, she was a more seasoned leader with a young son she named Hershel after her deceased father. The comics didn't get into every nitty gritty detail of her pregnancy, instead moving past it to explore what she was like as a leader and a mother.

Many have speculated that the show will also utilize a time jump after the fight with the Saviors reaches its conclusion. If that's the case, then audiences probably won't get to see Maggie through all nine months, or even get to see the birth; they may meet her son once he's already a few years old. That would actually make sense, too; the show has already dealt with what it would be like to be pregnant in the zombie apocalypse with Lori and what it would be like to have a newborn in the apocalypse (Baby Judith). Even though the circumstances are different, it might feel like a retread to cover the same ground all over again with Maggie and baby Hershel.

In the comics, Hershel is still too young to get up to much in the way of shenanigans. Like Judith on the show, he tends to get shuffled between caretakers and exist in the background; it's kind of hard for a toddler to ground their own arc. But it's good to know that he's happy and healthy, especially since Maggie definitely won't be giving birth on the show any time soon.

There's no way to know whether the televised version of The Walking Dead will follow the comics exactly, even though it's a good guess that they will based on how much they've been sticking to those storylines lately. If there's no time jump, then fans will likely get to stay with Maggie every step of the way until her son is born. But if not, then they should get ready to meet a new addition to the Greene-Rhee family who is already walking and talking.

Maggie's son could be introduced sometime in Season 8 (perhaps those Old Man Rick flash forwards will repeat to let everyone know what happens to the other characters), or in Season 9 or later. But regardless of when, fans can rest assured that Maggie and her baby will be just fine.

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