Here's What Happens To Your Breasts As You Orgasm

Having an orgasm doesn't just involve your downstairs parts. That's kind of what's so great about orgasms, they're a whole body pleasure explosion. Experiencing the big "O" can cause all types of fuzzy things to happen inside your mind, inside your body, and outside your body, including your boobs. Most women find that their breasts are super sensitive during the arousal phase of sex, but what about the climax? What happens to your breasts as you orgasm? It's certainly a subject of much curiosity because, let's be honest, the body's sexual response system can be kind of bizarre and cool all at the same time.

Before you orgasm you are presumably being increasingingly aroused. During this pleasure warm up party, your breasts become more sensitive as mentionned above. Additionally, Dr. Neha Singh Rathod explains to Romper that you may notice a few other changes too. "There is increase in the size of the breast, there is an increase in the size of the areola, and the nipples get erected," she says. You also may find that the color of the breast changes too when you're in the pleasure state just before an orgasm. There's no need to be alarmed, Rathod says it's the body's natural response to being sexually aroused. "All these changes are because of hormonal shifts happening during the process."

At the point of orgasm you may notice these changes linger and one additional change too. "Breasts engorge during sexual arousal to increase around 15 percent of their initial volume (in one study)," Nicole Prause, a sexual psychophysiologist, tells Romper. "You could say that the process of decongestion probably starts, so that women are not walking around with their breasts swollen from sexual arousal." To which I say, good looking out Mother Nature, I thank you for less swollen boobs post-orgasm.

Furthermore, if you're a pregnant woman, postpartum, or a breastfeeding mother your breasts may leak milk from pleasure. This could be from nipple stimulation or an orgasm. As explained on Baby Center, the same hormone released during an orgasm, oxytocin, is also responsible for the let-down of your breast milk. So if you notice a little squirt of boob juice during the big "O" don't worry, it's just your body's hormones doing their jobs. If it really bothers you or your partner you can just keep a towel handy in case things get messy.

If you do notice some changes to your breasts during foreplay or after the big "O" that feel weird, try to embrace it. Part of loving your body is loving all of the bizarre things that happen to it even when they seem a little embarrassing. And truthfully, if you're having fantastic sex than really, in my opinion, the rest doesn't matter.