What Happens To Your Vagina While You're Asleep? 3 Changes That Happen After Hours

When ranking the coolest things on the planet, the vagina is up at the top of the list. It can do so many incredible things: multiply in size to deliver a baby, have two types of orgasms, and even clean itself without any assistance. But just like any hard working gal, a vagina needs her rest too. But even after those lights go out, your vagina can't seem to stop working and what happens to your vagina while you're asleep proves just how much of an overachiever it is.

While you're dreaming of beach vacations and binge watching the next season of Orange Is The New Black, your vagina is undergoing changes. As a matter of fact, vaginal changes happen as your brain shifts into different phases of slumber, such as light sleep and REM sleep. So depending on how deeply you're snoozing, your vagina is experiencing different levels of blood flow, which — if you're lucky — can lead to a very happy surprise.

It's pretty cool to think there's so much going on with your body while your catching Zs, and if your vagina could talk, it would let you in on these things it does to keep busy before your alarm clock starts buzzing.


Blood Flow Changes

A study published in the Journal Of Sex & Marital Therapy found that while women sleep, the blood supply to the vagina changes throughout the night. Depending on which phase of sleep you are in, blood flow increases and decreases while you're in dreamland.


Dreamy Orgasms

The ebb and flow of blood supply to your vagina can lead to orgasm while sleeping. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, the surges of blood mimic the same type you experience during arousal when awake, which can lead to a spontaneous orgasm. Your brain may not even be involved — steamy hot sex dreams aren't necessary for these night time Os to occur.



Even though you're not active while you're sleeping, your vagina can still get sweaty and hot, making it a breading ground for bacteria growth that can lead to yeast infections. As Alyssa Dweck, co-author of V is for Vagina, told Shape magazine, sleeping without underwear lets the vagina breath and allows air to circulate through your lady region.