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Christen Has Been Keeping Busy Since Nick's 'Bachelor' Season

There are those who go on The Bachelor briefly, then fade away into obscurity to return to their normal lives. Then there are those who turn Bachelor stardom into a career, like Nick Viall, for example. Then there are those who were relatively unknown during their first appearance, and explode on the scene in Paradise. Christen might be one of these people. So what has Christen been doing since Nick's Bachelor season? She definitely keeps herself busy.

Christen was first introduced as one of the many women trying to win three-time Bachelor contestant Nick Viall's heart. She didn't make a huge impression then — at least not compared to fan-favorites like Rachel, Raven, or Kristina. But she's about to show up on Bachelor in Paradise and it looks like this time she's going to be causing some serious drama, specifically by coming in between Jasmine and Matt and their burgeoning romance. Although if you ask me (not that you did), Jasmine and Matt weren't going to make it much longer anyway. Matt was already starting to look a little less interested in pursuing the relationship with Jasmine than she was with him. So before showing up to cause trouble, what has Christen been doing?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Christen works as a Sales Specialist for the chain of waxing salons called European Wax Center. But after taking a hard look at her social media accounts, I highly doubt that this is her only source of income. Specifically on her Instagram, Christen promotes, well, a lot of things. She posts cute pictures of herself with various vitamins, teeth straightening systems, and mattresses, just to name a few. But she also promotes causes that are clearly very dear to her heart. She's posted about the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and the Lwala Community Alliance (the same organization that sent her costar Danielle M. to Africa to work as a nurse with children).

As for where she's living post-Bachelor, I'm beginning to think that Nashville is the unofficial home for all wayward former Bachelor Nation contestants. In June she posted on Instagram that she was making her way in a new city (that would be Nashville), though she's originally from Indiana. This is convenient, since a large remainder of her Instagram photos are images of herself with fellow Bachelorites to promote the show. It's a good thing she's in sales because clearly this girl is committed. Maybe she will be one of those professional Bachelor people after all.