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What Has Cody Calafiore Been Up To Since 'Big Brother'? He'll Definitely Be Watching Now

Cody Calafiore is known in the Big Brother universe as looking good without a shirt and making one of the biggest mistakes in Big Brother history (taking Derrick to the end instead of Victoria). Besides being a great runner-up, Cody is now on the other side of the TV watching his brother, Paulie, hopefully win Big Brother 18. But, with the resurgence of Calafiore men on Big Brother, fans might be wondering what Cody has been up to since Big Brother 16.

Big Brother 16, although two years ago, still remains a very memorable season. It was a flawless game by Derrick, who walked away with the money. It was one of the first seasons a player hid his "influence" outside of the house (Frankie Grande), and it was the year that we learned that a bird can fly away with a child (Victoria). Cody became a member of the Hitmen alliance with Derrick, which landed them in the final two. Unfortunately, due to Derrick's game, the money was never Cody's. But, that's OK, since the runner-up not only gets a pretty good lump of cash, too. So, how has Cody been spending his time (and his money) outside of the Big Brother house?

He Filmed A Movie

Cody has entered another house since leaving Big Brother — a frat house. Set to come out in 2016, Cody plays a frat guy along side two Lizzie McGuire veterans, Jake Austin (Matt in Lizzie McGuire) and Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft). If you love Cody, you can buy a shirt with his face on it, in support of the film.

He Still Hangs With Big Brother Houseguests

Like a true runner-up, Cody is still friends with the cast.

He's Still A Hitman

It's good to see these two are still fighting the good fight, together.

He's Been Sneezing

Bless you, Cody.

He's Already Picked A Favorite Houseguest

Can you blame him? Cody set the bar pretty high during his season. If the other houseguests know that Paulie's related to Cody, he's going to be a sitting target inside the house.